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   9 Man Junior Bantam Tackle: Board of Directors
President - BCCFA Joe Gluska - - - SEND
Vice-President - BCCFA Valder Belgrave - - - SEND
Treasurer - BCCFA Cindy Bowles - - - SEND
Secretary Kaila Rothkop - - - SEND
LMFRA President Les Caldwell - - - SEND
Zone 1 - BCCFA Murray Clarke - - - SEND
Zone 2 - BCCFA Kevin Parks - - - SEND
Zone 3 - BCCFA David Rooney - - - SEND
Zone 4 - BCCFA Dean Kennedy - - - SEND
Zone 5 - BCCFA Carly Krebs - - - SEND
12-Man Commissioner Valder Belgrave - - - SEND
9-Man Commissioner Leesa Warner - - - SEND
Flag Coordinator Mat Macri - - - SEND
Esportsdesk Liaison Shelley Frye - - - SEND

Notes and Minutes:
2017 June minutes (added June 30, 2017)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, June 5, 2017 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer Barry Moffatt, LMFRA Mat Macri, VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island - away Mike Rositano, North Kendall Gross, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:05pm 2. April Minutes – Don motions to accept May’s minutes; 2nd Wayne; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; Carried – unanimous. 3. Treasurer’s Report – Don reports over $100,000 in the bank account which will be used up for flag provincials. Accounts receivable he is working through still collecting from some clubs. Accounts payables received the final invoices from Skyline and will be paid when he receives club payments. Cindy motions to accept June’s financials; 2nd Valder; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; Carried – unanimous. 4. Zone Bowl Report & Support for Zone Bowl 2018 – Cory stated it went well and received positive feedback. He has received calls from new groups who want to participate. Wayne said this year went well being only one day. Joe noted that this group needs to decide if we need to run this event for 2018. Joe asked if we will continue with Pee Wee and Junior Bantam and approximately 6 teams per age division. We need to confirm dates and budget for people to plan ahead. Wayne noted the shootout at the end of the JB game was very exciting. Cindy reported that some parents and coaches were angry that one club who originally voted not to participate in Zone Bowl entered two teams. Cory said two Prince George teams pulled out last minute and if we didn’t fill that spot we would have had to cancel the Junior Bantam game. Cory heard the island wants to put in two teams next year. Cindy asked if we have McLeod stadium booked for May long weekend 2018? Cory said yes. Kevin asked to table the vote for next meeting until the club Presidents’ are consulted. Joe deferred the vote to July 2017. 5. BCCFA Flag Championships – Committee report; Commissioners 7pm; Referees 7:30pm and coaches 8pm. Sunday consolation rounds to 11:30; top 24 for pool a, b, c and top 32 for championship. VBN will be at field 1? Ian report that the committee has met several times. Joe said the directions are easy to understand and well organized. Joe asked why numbers are down and we need to look in the future of this event. Do we look at a cap of teams? Ian said his leagues comments frustrations with schedule in year’s past, the heat issues and the change of weekend. Joe said we need to communicate Ian’s analysis out to groups. We need to keep it the same weekend every year. We may have to have a Plan B for 3e and 4 e & f. The city was checking the fields and said they were soft but safe. Kevin said it is okay and they can work it. Kevin noted he has received some nasty emails so far with some club unhappy with their standings. Kevin was very disappointed with those clubs and states that this is a provincial tournament and they combined all of the zones in their standings. Joe has two people with truck for garbage. Joe has ordered four carts and will ask for another cart. Referee training Thursday at 6pm. 6. Friday night – Commissioners meeting at 7pm at the Sandman; Referee meeting at 7:30pm at the Sandman; Coaches meeting at 8:00pm. Motion to adjourn at 8:00pm
2017 May minutes (added May 31, 2017)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, May 1, 2017 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer Barry Moffatt, LMFRA Mat Macri, VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island - away Mike Rositano, North Kendall Gross, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:05pm 2. Flag Championship – porta-potties will be dropped on the 8th, satellite concession is confirmed, traffic company confirmed, airhorns – Joe to buy and will also get a box of whistles for second day. Ian Parks – Esportsdesk will not work for Mat Macri’s configuration doesn’t work for the Sunday. Each field commissioner will transcribe game scores and then the data will be entered. The consolation will run first on Sunday. Mat is waiting for team numbers. Leesa motions that if any registered team for the flag championship doesn’t withdraws by June 3rd or no-shows at the event will forfeit their BCCFA championship team fee; 2nd Kevin; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; Carried – unanimous. Kevin noted they aren’t ranking the teams by wins and losses only and not based on scores (points for and points against). Joe asked if they can start at 8:30 will allow for extra time at the end of the day. Leesa asked for full hard copies of the schedules. Derek is head of the referees. Don asked what time the U19s start on Friday? Kevin confirmed a noon start. Joe got volunteer shirts. 3. April Minutes – Motion to accept April minutes; 2nd Kevin; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; Carried – unanimous. 4. Treasurer’s Report – Don noted next year the jersey ordering needs to be easier. Joe said if we lose sponsorship all fees will go up. He summarized the balances and asked for questions – none. 5. Zone Bowl Report – Cory went through the format. We will use the big screen and it will cost $600 for 10 feet to activate. Leesa motions to amend the original medals/trophies budget from $250 to $500; 2nd Kevin; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; Carried – unanimous. Barry asked how long are the PW games? 15 minute running time per quarter. The Pee Wees will start at noon. We have the field until 7pm. 6. Langley – Big Screen Update – It will cost us $600 to use the big screen for the Zone Bowl only. Valder was absent from the call and we will table until the next meeting. The BCCFA will be looking at moving all future events to another location if this issue cannot be resolved with the Township of Langley. 7. Flag 2018 – Bid clarification – Joe noted that August 1st is the deadline. If no bids are received then Kelowna will default to host? Yes, Kelowna is the historical host and will retain the tournament if no bids are received. If KMFA wish the keep the tournament then Kendall and Dean need to submit a bid. 8. 9-Man Midget – Joe asked if there’s any news? Leesa said she has heard nothing to date. 9. 2018 Fall Flag Championship – We need to look at having a six week season and host a fall flag championship? Kevin said Atom should run the same 10 week season. Leesa said we should put feelers out to our clubs to see what they want. Kevin said we need to start advising clubs now. Joe states we need to be proactive and adapt to the changing ways. Kaila asked Cory if he can ask Football Canada if they can put forward an information piece that can be shared with clubs. Cory will be sharing Football Canada’s app for concussion protocol. 10. BCPFA Update – Joe said they are looking for volunteers for the Women’s World Championships. The Canada Cup tryout went well. Kaila mentioned the Football Canada Volunteer data base and noted there is no cost. The board wants more information of why Football Canada wants this information and they expect this registration to be voluntary. 11. Succession – Joe noted people need to start looking at finding a replacement for the President. 12. New Business – No new business and next meeting is in June. Motion to adjourn at 8:35pm
2017 April minutes (added April 30, 2017)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, April 3, 2017 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer Barry Moffatt, LMFRA Mat Macri, VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Mike Rositano, North Kendall Gross, SIFC - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator - away Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:05pm 2. AGM Minutes – Joe sent the corrections and Kaila updated and sent out to the group. The BCCFA AGM Minutes will be presented at the next AGM. 3. Treasurer’s report – Don sent the financials out. He is focusing on the Spring Flag invoices. Bank balance is approximately $80k. We are about 200 registrations ahead of last year. Cindy will be registering 260 kids for Spring Tackle. Cindy motions to accept the financials; 2nd Valder; vote – passed. 4. Zone Bowl report – Waiting for a coaching update for the VCFL. He will be ordering jersey soon. Kaila will send out the work plan. Cory asked for questions? Joe asked about the VBN contract. Cory asked Valder about the Township of Langley. 5. Flag report – Ian is working and Kaila gave a brief update. Kevin said they were going to have a meeting on the mock schedule and it wasn’t ready. Joe asked if we need to order vinyl banners. Kevin said yes to the Saturday and may have banners at the fields. We need a larger board room. 6. Zone Issues – Zone 1 – not at this time; Zone 2 – not at this time. Flag at 150 teams so far. Zone 3 – not at this time. 54 flag teams. Zone 4 – Kendall Gross is the new SIFC representative. Leesa advised Jeff Koltun that he is no longer the SIFC representative due to absentees from mandatory BCCFA calls. Vernon is a mess and fell apart. Last year started with a full board and ended the season with two board members. The President emailed Leesa her resignation. Two years ago they had $57K in their bank account and now have $2K. Some previous Vernon board members have stepped up to get the club going again. Ron and Bill will step in for two years to get it going. Kelowna will allow Vernon to fly under their umbrella but not support them financially. Zone 5 – Mike is running flag registrations now. They had their AGM and have a full board. The VP will look after Quesnel. Mike is the President for the remainder of the year. The issues will be low numbers in younger divisions. 7. Tackle concerns – 9-Man – Leesa noted low numbers from the North. Mike asked if there will be 9-Man Midget and possible Bantam. Don said Salmon Arm is keen on playing. The referees work for us and are willing to use any rules. Joe would like all Presidents to go back to their members and engage in conversation to how we can build numbers. Joe said for the next call he expects people to of spoken to at least three people and come back with their ideas. 8. McLeod stadium and contract – Valder said nothing has happened to date. The City attempted to set up a meeting with NLFA, LMF, Joe and Valder and it had to be cancelled. They extended the March 31, 2017 deadline. Valder has started looking at alternative venues if a contract cannot be reached. UBC field rental is $6000 and too expensive. Town Centre - $71 per hour and is available. Wayne is looking at Exhibition stadium. Valder is also looking at Rotary stadium in Abbotsford. Valder is looking at cost comparison for the group to look at. Wayne confirmed the screen can be moved to Exhibition easily. Don hasn’t paid the big screen and should he hold off? Valder agreed until the issue is worked out. Joe said we didn’t use the screen in December 2016 and they owe us that time. Cory has been working with 10 feet for the Women’s World and asked if he should find out what they would charge us? Valder said the rate is $500 to turn the screen. Joe said we want to continue using VBN and pay 10 feet. 9. BCPFA report – Joe said lots of information. Joe asked about the insurance issue and Steve Figner will provide a cost analysis. Joe said it’s more of a convenience. Kevin asked why they sent Football Canada invoices for 2016. Joe said it was a miscommunication and Kevin asked for something in writing. For 2017, every coach must have Safe Contact for contact before they step on the field. Every five years it must be renewed. If you have a coach sign up late in the season don’t turn them away and they will offer clinics to get those coaches certified. Making Headway and Concussion protocol mandatory is online and free. Flag – Safe Contact is not mandatory but must have Making Headway. Football Canada is looking at Elite high performance testing centres in BC. Kevin asked if it’s free. They’re looking at national therapists. Joe said they will know the date when there will be no more Atom contact. Wayne asked if this applies nationaly? Cory said BC is the only province that plays Atom tackle. Joe said North America is restricting contact for younger age divisions in all sports. Joe is guessing it will be 2019 and Cory agrees and it will give us a year to sell it. BCFOA Officiating forum on May 5th must register with Dave Sullivan. Kaila to send out his contact information. Football Canada asked for a format for Punt, Pass and Kick competition. The winner will get a trip to the Vanier Cup. The BC Lions are no longer running this program. The CFL is looking at sponsoring flag. If a member club plays a non- member club our insurance is null and void. For example – the North Shore Football League is a non-member and if member plays a game with the game is considered a non-sanctioned event and insurance will be null and void. The next meeting is May 1st – focus on flag football. 10. New Business – Cory for Flag nationals they received $10K for last year. Cory noted the Flag nationals will be held here and is asking the BCCFA sponsor amount. Cory is looking for a U16 & U18 four female coaches and 10 girls each team. Cory noted Football Canada is mandating one U16 & U18 boys teams and Joe’s said we agreed two teams at each division. Cory will report back. Frank countered back to Football Canada that we send four teams. Joe asked to table this issue until Cory reports back from his meeting. Wayne thanked everyone for their interviews at the Orange Helmet Awards. Motion to adjourn at 8:44pm
2017 February minutes (added February 28, 2017)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, February 6, 2017 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President - away Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer Jeff Huot, LMFRA Mat Macri, VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island – away due to traffic Mike Rositano, North Jeff Koltun, SIFC - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:00pm 2. New items – Added draft November & draft December minutes. 3. Approval of January, December and November Minutes – January Minutes – Kevin motions to accept January minutes; 2nd Don; Opposed – none; Carried. November and December deferred. 4. Treasurer’s report – Don sent the year-end report and the 2017 Budget. Don added a breakdown of fees and balanced reports. Don provided a sponsorship breakdown and had a couple items to clarify. Don asked if there were any questions. 2017 budget – added gaming grant $10,000 and budgeted the gaming funds in at the beginning. He added the BCPFA fees and structures. The BCPFA is collecting the insurance fees directly. Valder asked the group to review the financials 5. Review of procedure for AGM, issues or concerns, minutes from last year’s AGM that directed BCCFA to do something? – Valder asked Kaila to send out last year’s draft AGM minutes for review. Valder went through the process and asked if there were any issues or concerns? None. 6. This is the Presidents election year need to request someone to chair the meeting at the appropriate spot to call for nominations. Note only the president is elected, criteria is person has to be a member in good standing and not a president. All Member associations have elected presidents to sit on the board or the zone has elected a rep to sit on the board. Presidential appointments are Treasurer, Secretary, 9 man- coordinator (has a vote), Flag coordinator (has a vote) co-coordinator (no vote), Zone Bowl coordinator (look to give voting privileges 2018), Insurance liaison. – Valder went through the nomination and appointment criteria of the positions. He noted that the President and Vice- President elections are held in alternate years. Valder will conduct the President election at this year’s AGM. Kaila noted that she and Leesa worked on the official notice that was posted to the BCCFA Website on January 2, 2017. Kaila to email out a notice to all the Presidents. 7. Budget for Zone Bowl; format; date; location – Valder asked Cory for an update. Cory said it’s scheduled on May 20th all on the same day. Cory said he has not heard from the island as of yet. Cory confirmed it will be the same format from last year. The Pee Wees will go first then the Junior Bantams. Don highlighted the budget and it is about $45,000k. The information will be sent out soon. Ian Parks asked where it will be – McLeod stadium. Cory will send an information package out. 8. Update on BC Lions football meeting Valder – He attended the meeting with Jamie Taras, Brien Gemmel, BCHS, Gord Johnson, BCFC, Frank Naso, BCPFA, Steve Figner, BCPFA and George Zarelli, BCHS. This was the first meeting since with the new governing body. Topics discussed – player safety – BCHS may have an independent body who will oversee player safety; Declining numbers in tackle more-so with AA – looking at an integrated schedule with high school and community in smaller communities; CFL – has been running some flag football pilot programs and looking at the results and will report out to the groups; There will be no senior bowl for this year and will going with the Fox 40 combine; BC Lions will continue with supporting amateur football; 50-50 financial are being finalized and we will hear soon; We received $8400 from the OHA; and Jamie is looking at the tackle/flag numbers over the past five years. Leesa mentioned that if we participate with an integrated schedule then the high school players will need to be a BCPFA member to be covered by insurance. 9. Update on BCPFA Kaila and Cory – We are continuing with the Canada Cup and Western Canada Cup ID Camps and planning practices schedules. The Flag national are at UBC August 11 & 12. Women’s Worlds tackle is here in June at McLeod stadium. 10. New Business – Valder – Township of Langley – He had a good meeting with Langley and they were apologetic. 10 Feet in under new management. He hopes that we will be able to create a good working relationship for the 12-Man championships. We are required to pay another $5000. Valder will be looking at the contract renewal carefully and will report back; (b) VMFL & Skyline sponsorship – Valder at the last VMFL presidents meeting requesting a copy of the sponsorship contract which Valder said no. He noted 2017 is the last year of this contract. He reiterated that this information has been publicly addressed on more than one occasion. Skyline confirmed that the contract is between them and the BCCFA and the contract cannot be released unless the other party agrees and it will not be released. More information to follow from Valder & Don; (c) Orange Helmet Awards – Mike motions to purchase a OHA table for $2000; 2nd Leesa; Discussion – none; opposed – none; carried.; (d) Constitutional – this is related to the provincial changes and it’s due January 2018. Valder will review our constitution and discuss with Leesa and present in April 2017. Wayne asked if there’s anything we need changed in the Constitution? Valder said wording and Leesa doesn’t see anything that requires an AGM constitutional vote; (e) Response to the 7 on 7 –Game Ready is promoting a league at the same time as Spring Flag. The BCPFA will be sending a statement out stating this league is not sanctioned. Motion to adjourn at 8:36pm
2017 January minutes (added January 31, 2017)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, January 2, 2017 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA - away Mat Macri, VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Rob Sherlock, North Jeff Koltun, SIFC – away - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:10pm 2. New items – None. 3. November & December Approval of Minutes – tabled to February. 4. Treasurer’s report – Don Williams went through the financials. Vancouver and South Delta are still outstanding. He went through the account balances and noted we down and it fluctuates. Joe any questions? None. Don noted BC Lions money down. Cory said the funds should be coming very soon. Don will be applying for the Gaming grant again. Don asked for questions? None. 5. 2017 AGM outline – Kaila to send out the AGM outline to the group. Frank Naso and Jamie Taras will be invited. Don suggested drafting a Flag outline to present at the AGM. Joe to touch base with Skyline and will get the information to Don. 6. Flag 2017 – Cory confirmed 16U (15 & 16 year olds) and 18U (17 & 18 olds) are the only teams that can play in the Western and National flag tournaments. Kevin stated the he presented changing the age divisions to the VMFL Presidents and they said no. Kevin asked who will we be sending to the national championship in August? Cory said the 2016 and 2017 16U and 18U champions will go. Flag committee to decide if we should be sending the 1st and 2nd place teams to go to the championships? 7. Zone Bowl – Prince George is in and will send two teams. The VCFL has a new rep. He has not heard from the VMFL and Kevin said he will talk with Cory offline. Cindy has not heard from any of her Presidents and it’s on her agenda for the island meeting this Saturday. Joe would like a confirmed list of zone participants to see if we have enough to move ahead with Zone Bowl. 8. 9-Man – Joe said he may have to rethink the new 9-man rep. Joe welcomes any suggestions but hopes Leesa will stay on. 9. 12-Man – Valder reports he will be meeting this Wednesday with the Township of Langley regarding the screen. It’s also the last year of the contract. He said we didn’t really use the radios and may not need them next year. 10. BCPFA update – Joe sent out the BCPFA information. He noted that BC High School has an outstanding bill and they’re having their AGM this January to see if they will join the BCPFA or not. If BC High School does not join and does not pay their bill none of the coaches will be certified. 11. New Business – Insurance – Joe referenced his email response to Chel Sanghera. Kaila noted that the 2017 annual fees are as follows: BCPFA $23 ($13 BCPFA membership & $10 insurance) and BCCFA $15 ($5 BCCFA membership & $10 coaching/training development fee). Don and Kaila will look at this issue further and report back to the group. Motion to adjourn at 8:04pm
2016 December minutes (added December 31, 2016)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Saturday, December 3, 2016 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Mat Macri, VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Rob Sherlock, North Jeff Koltun, SIFC - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Ian Parks, Flag co-coordinator Shelley Frye, Esportsdesk Liaison Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag Guest – Frank Naso, BCPFA President 1. Call to order – 12:15pm 2. New items – Jeff Huot special announcement. Due to health reasons he will be submitting his resignation effective February 28, 2017. He will continue his role as a referee. 3. Adopt agenda – Leesa motions to accept the agenda; 2nd Cindy; discussion – none; opposed – none; abstentions – none; passed. 4. November Minutes – 5. Frank Naso, BCPFA President – FC push the PSOs with players safety no two concurrent seasons. Wayne asked if this football only? How do we enforce it? Frank said we can enforce it with our members only. We can only monitor football. Frank said we will have an electronic record from Football Canada annual membership and BCPFA memberships. If high school comes on board we will have access to that information as well. We are hoping to share information with other province. Joe asked that if it’s a national policy each province must be the same and he’s still leery of how this will be enforced. Four days between full games. Safe Contact the first week of practice. Any coach must have minimum of Safe Contact. Asked for bids for Flags and Women’s tackle will have final word soon. 2017 Canada Cup and Western Canada Cup – ID camps coming up soon. Don Williams asked about the fees for one ID Camp and Cory explained the fee steps. BCPFA will present a draft 2017 budget tomorrow at the December 2017 meeting. The 2017 BCPFA annual membership fee is $12. Valder feels the most skepticism is with membership is the Football Canada membership. 6. Treasurer’s report – Don Williams went through the financials. Burnaby paid up and Vancouver and South Delta are still outstanding. He went through the account balances and October registrations. Joe any questions? None. Don asked when was the last time we got an audit? Don will ask around and present a budget to the group. 7. Zone Bowl – Cory only has the island and the north confirmed for reps. He has nobody from the VCFL and VMFL. The dates will be in March – PW, JB and 9-Man Bantam. All three games could take place on March 18th. Joe would like a definitive agreement amongst the league presidents. May long weekend tentative. 8. 9-Man – The championships went well. Leesa will get the list of MVP winners to Kaila. A complaint was sent in about the format. Leesa said if it’s not in writing then there’s nothing we can do. We don’t see any reason to change the venue, dates or formats. 9. 12-Man – The championships are on track and Valder needs a couple volunteers. 10. AGM – The date is March 4 – 12pm to 4pm at the Justice Institute. Any constitutional changes. Any rule changes? Joe asked Cindy how the four down format went. She said it went well for the PW and JB and received no complaints. She advised that the island meeting it was a unanimous vote in support of four down Canadian rules. Cindy motions that BCCFA playoff and championship convert to four down Canadian rules for Atom; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – Kevin Parks does not support this motion. Jeff Huot doesn’t see the benefit for the strong teams when playing the weaker teams. Ian Parks says as a coach and they don’t play this rule during the season and are expected to change it for playoffs and championship is problematic. He wants to see offense player development. Don Williams supports the fourth down format. Vote – Kevin Parks – no; Valder Belgrave – Yes, Leesa Warner – no; Jeff Huot - abstains; Wayne Bjorge –yes; Cindy Bowles – yes; Don Williams (North rep) – yes; Kaila Rothkop – yes; Passed. Re-examine the no Atom kick-off return for playoffs and championship? Lots of discussion. Do we want to extend to PW? No. Age groups changes going ahead from Football Canada won’t affect us and we will stay the same. 11. Flag – Atom flag will be running in Spring and Fall in 2018 and expect a spike in registrations. Committee – Round robin (u10 & u12), u14 & u16 start at 1pm. The scheduling team will do the standings by 6pm. Sunday will start at 9 for the bottom brackets and the top brackets will run in the afternoon. All fields will run their own time but will all start at the same time for the first game. 12. BCCFA Recommendations – Disciplinary Policy – Joe feels we need to have a province wide step by step disciplinary process. These standard procedures need to be followed in each league. Valder suggests league presidents add this to their next meeting to discuss. 13. Island – Travel fees are not covered by the BCCFA. We waive the championship team fee to help offset costs. Cindy advised the group that she advised all island teams earlier in the year that the VMFL hosts – 2018 the VCFL will host. Inter-zone games are considered playoff games. Motion the hsting team of a bccfa playoff game shall determine the location and time; 2nd Jeff; Discussion – Don asked about the fees? Leesa yes, Jeff yes, wayne yes, cindy yes, keving yes, valder yes – unanimous. Cindy asked the BCCFA to look at the PW quarter time – will remain 10 minutes. 14. 10 Feet – They will give an answer to Cory by 8pm tonight. The BCCFA contributes $5000 a year for the big screen at McLeod stadium. They have issues with VBN services. They are asking for a waiver and set a price for a 10 feet staff on- site. They informed us nobody is available to set up the screen for the 12-Man championships. 15. 2017 Playoff game schedule – Spring Flag, June 9, 10 & 11, 2017, 9-Man Championship, November 18 & 19, 2017 and 12-Man, Sunday, December 3, 2017 Motion to adjourn 4:23
2016 November minutes (added November 30, 2016)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, November 7, 2016 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA - away Chel Sanghera, President VCFL – Mat Macri in her place Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island – away Rob Sherlock, North Jeff Koltun, SIFC - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Shelley Frye Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:05pm 2. Adopt agenda and new items – Agenda adopted. KMFA & 2017 Western Canada Cup & Canada Cup 3. October Minutes – Leesa motions to accept the October minutes; 2nd Don; Opposed – none; Abstentions – none; Passed 4. Treasurer’s report – Don gave an overview of the bank balances and update of some outstanding Flag balances. Vancouver island registrations update they’re almost complete. 5. 9-Man coordinator report (Trophies, Medals, Banners, T-shirts, MVP awards and BCCFA Play count forms – Midget trophy to be ordered and all of the other trophies are located. Medals are ordered. Banners have been ordered. Joe has the t- shirts. Baron rings – Kaila has the sizers and the demo MVP ring. They will be providing the rings and dogtags. Joe stated that all clubs must go through Baron rings for championship ring orders to keep our sponsorship with them. Joe said we need a BCCFA rule book and Leesa has the play count sheets. Leesa needs an email list of the executives for the food orders. 6. 2017 9 Man Coordinator – Joe has appointed Rob Parmar as the new BCCFA 9-Man Coordinator. Kevin asked why the Presidents Council isn’t asked for appointments – Joe stated that it’s a Presidential appointment. Recently the Flag and 9- Man can vote. Leesa will remain as the Committee member managing the insurance portfolio. Don and Kevin asked that when a position becomes available to advise the group to allow zones to put forward name even though they understand it’s a Presidential appointment. 7. 12 Man coordinator report (Trophies, Medals, Banners, T-shirts, MVP awards and BCCFA Play count forms – Valder went through game times - 10, 12, 2:30, and 5. Leesa will continue the cash management. Valder asked about the gate fees $10 adults, $5 students and seniors and kids under 12 free should remain the same? The group agreed. Joe asked about trophies – Valder will start tracking it. Joe has ordered the medal, banners and t-shirts. 8. 2017 Spring Flag Co-coordinators – Joe has appointed Ian Parks to fill the co-coordinator role. Joe has heard the group about putting requests out and will be moving forward. He will be overseeing the tournament and will be in charge. Kaila will continue doing the behind the scenes pre-tourney management. 9. BCCFA Board for 2017 – covered off earlier. 10. Community Coach of the Year – Joe encourages each zone to identify coaches and submit nominations to 11. Zone Bowl – Cory said we are at a standstill for zone reps. He has Don and Cindy are the only two people who have stepped up. Cory wants to focus on the younger age divisions. Wayne said they put it out several times and his people are full on in playoff mode and tend to not take on other events. He expects them to jump on board in the near future. Cory feels that as the Community executives we need to focus on this one BCCFA event as Community clubs uniting. Wayne asked if the board should go back to the clubs to ask what they want to do. Cory said Atom, PW and JB will be easy and he has the people to fill the spots. Joe asked if the Midget division is out. Cory said maybe 9-Man would be easier as a lot of the midget players are already committed to university or junior clubs. Don asked why the Bantam division was dropped? Cory said a lot of the kids will be wrapped up in the Canada Cup team. Joe asked Presidents to canvass their clubs and to present ideas of what they would like to see. 12. 2017 National Flag Championships – Cory sits on the non-contact Football Canada committee. They are meeting this week. He noted that the U16 division will not compete nationally. Cory will motion that U16 continues to compete nationally. Football Canada new age division rules – 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U. We need to merge with the Football Canada divisions. More communication to follow. 13. BCCFA December 3rd Meeting – The meeting venues are Langley or North Surrey. The meeting will be 12 – 4 at Langley stadium. 14. Any other business – KMFA – Jeff Koltun resigned as KMFA President and the interim KMFA President is Dean Kennedy. Valder will help with KMFA internal mediation and Joe will meet with Jeff this week. Leesa spoke with him and she advised that he doesn’t have to be a club president to be the SIFC President. Employment Standard court case – Joe submitted our supporting information that the BCCFA resigned and he hasn’t heard the results as of yet. He will advise at his earliest convenience. Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm
2016 October minutes (added October 31, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Chel Sanghera, President VCFL – Mat Macri in her place Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Jeff Koltun, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl - away Shelley Frye Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:04pm 2. Adopt agenda and new items – Joe added current CRC for head coaches participating at nationals and/or provincial rep team. 3. September Minutes – Joe motions to accept the minutes; 2nd don; discussion – none; objections – none; approved. 4. Treasurer’s report – Don gave bank balances and Esportsdesk numbers. Don noted some clubs that have Flag balances outstanding. Kevin will call his clubs. Cindy advised Don that she is training someone on Esportsdesk and there will be more registrations. 5. 9-Man coordinator report – Vernon – SIFC scores – Leesa advised that Vernon is struggling with the board. They have low numbers and can’t meet minimum team numbers. She advised that they are slowly getting back on their feet. Leesa advised their player equipment is valid but they require practice equipment. Leesa confirmed that Kamloops has the fields and locker rooms booked for the 9-Man championships. Kevin will send midget, two bantams, one junior bantam. He said he is receiving lots of push back from the Atom division. Leesa asked the group if we should keep the same arrangement with Kamloops keeping the gate fees for both days. They apply for a grant to offset the field rentals since it’s a championship event. 6. 12-Man report – Valder said he had the paperwork ready to go for the field rental. He suspects there may be some issues with 10 feet productions and VBN. Valder noted that North Langley asked if they could run the concession for the 12-man championships. We had agreed beforehand that we were going to rotate between Langley and North Langley. Langley ran the Zone Bowl. North Langley ran the concession for last year’s 12-man championships. Valder will ask Langley first and if they turn it down then they will offer it to North Langely. Kaila will do the medal count and will order the championship team banners. Valder will call the Programs. 7. New Flag coordinator for 2017 – Joe will advise of the new Flag appointment and other new appointments. 8. Presidents update – FBC/BCCFA employment standards inquiry, BCPFA and 2017 High school and member events – Joe asked about the last steps of the BCCFA leaving FBC. Leesa said the BCCFA agreed that in the fall of 2015 if FBC did not provide financials that the BCCFA gave Joe the authority to withdraw from FBC. Daniel and his cousin are naming the BCCFA as liable for outstanding fees they say they are owed. Joe said he has never seen their contracts, invoices or anything. Leesa will send the email trail and signed letter. BCPFA – the meeting took place at the Rosedale. Joe had a long discussion with Jamie Taras and advised him that the BCCFA will no long accept Larry Reda being on the Hall of Fame or have any dealings with him. Joe noted potential sponsors – Subway would like to sponsor flag. Coke would like to sponsor with their brand of water. Pepsi would like to sponsor with an energy drink. Joe noted approximately 300 coaches were trained and Jerry will send the numbers from community and high school. Don noted that Jerry Friesen just did a NCCP clinic in PG and it was excellent. Joe said the BCCFA has a seat on BCPFA coach selection committees. Joe said there are still some contentious issues like the NSFL wanting to be associate members and High school not being members. Joe said he disagreed and pushed back on our behalf. 9. BCCFA Board for 2017 – covered off earlier. 10. Skyline/Russell-Spalding sponsorship ends December 31, 2017 – 260 shirts, 18 bags and toques, 14 rings and PW/Atoms receive dog tags. Joe will finalize numbers. 11. CRC for head coaches for competing at nationals – Joe motions that all coaches for national events must submit current CRC’s to Valder Belgrave who is responsible for discipline; 2nd Wayne Bjorge; Discussion – Cindy uses JAG. Mat Macri uses online as well and then it is sent to him directly. Cindy will send the information to Valder; Opposed- none; Abstentions – none; carried. 12. Wayne asked about 2017 fees. Kaila will add to the BCPFA meeting on the 12th and report back. Cory advised that for Zone Bowl coordinators and he has received one. Cory advised that the BCPFA has released a coach application for the Western and Canada cup. Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm
2016 September minutes (added September 30, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA - away Chel Sanghera, President VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Jeff Koltun, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl - away Shelley Frye Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag Frank Naso, BCPFA President - Guest 1. Call to order – 7:04pm 2. Adopt agenda – Other than the new business sent by Kaila any new business - none added. 3. Frank Naso, BCPFA President – Football Canada national registry. Joe introduced Frank to the group. Frank thanked everyone for their patience with setting up the new PSO. Football Canada newsletter that included a player cannot play on two rosters during the same season. Each team much teach safe contact before practices. The Football Canada national registry is up and running and kids must register. Kidsport has recognized the BCPFA as the new PSO. Wayne asked if this applies to rugby and/or other contact sports? Frank stated that Football Canada can only control football. Wayne asked if high school is a member? Frank confirmed at this time they are not and hopefully when they come on board they will have to follow the same rules. Don noted that for safety reasons he understands this is player protection. Frank notes managing multi contact sports during the same season. Kevin notes that if given a choice then the kids will go to high school and the numbers are down now and where are they going? Don noted that the kids like to play for their school and that’s how it is in the north. Frank asked about the JB and up divisions for numbers? Joe said there has been an increase and the kids get to play and we have to ensure we are not in competition with ourselves. Kevin asked Frank to explain the Football Canada national registry. Frank noted that we can participate at a national level and national funding which is based on numbers. Football Canada player fee is $11 per player Junior, Bantam and Midget. Frank confirms that flag/non-contact is growing and it is becoming a priority with Football Canada. Joe said 2016 JB, Bantam and Midget are expected to register. For 2017, all age divisions and this information must be shared to everyone. The funding from Football Canada education will benefit each players and coaches. Don noted there may be push back from members being asked to pay additional fees. Joe said we are now members and we are subject to this fee. Don said we need to communicate the benefits of this 4. BCCFA Presidential appointment of Shelley Frye as the BCCFA Registrar – with the increased work and we need to appoint this non-voting role. Much discussion of why we need this role and we need a point person who is a specialist and for succession planning. We are all volunteers and having more people makes light work and having one person is efficient. Leesa would like a job description and we have agreed to call the position as Esportsdesk Liaison. 5. August minutes – Any issues with the minutes? None. 6. BCCFA Treasurers report – Don Williams – Don went through the list of five outstanding invoices. He asked that presidents follow up. He went through the bank balances and the electronic registrations. 7. Flag update – Kamloops will submit a proposal for 2018 as 2017 is spoken for. Kevin gave a brief overview for the three VMFL Atom teams. He is hoping that more teams will join next year. 8. 9-Man tackle for all zones – Zone 1 – no atom and the rest are 12 man. Zone 2 – the players need three games to be eligible for the provincials. VMFL has JB this year and eligibility was discussed. Kevin will advise Leesa and he will advise on the Midget and Atom. Zone 3 – VCFL will have an atom team at the championships. Zone 4 – Jeff went through his divisions Atom, PW and JB. Zone 5 – he went through his teams. Joe says we need to set the date, time and location of where the championships are held. Leesa noted she has had six complaints about the shoot-out format. They feel it’s not fair. Do we run the round robin for standings and run PW and the run the full atom game? Atoms and PWs on Saturday and older divisions on Sunday. 9. 12-Man update – Zone 1 – PW and JBs and maybe having a play down format for both divisions. Zone 2 – PW and up and week one was good and number are down. Zone 3 – PW and JB this season. Valder will start the process of the 12 Man championship planning. Joe asked if the issue was cleared up with 10 feet productions and Wayne said they have one person who comes in and included with the contract and should be free of charge. This needs to be clarified with the city of Langley. 10. Update on Salmon Arm and Island teams integrating – Salmon Arm is playing with the VMFL. All island teams are playing on the island under the VICFA. 11. Motion to implement the Discipline Policy – Joe noted the excellent work that Valder put into this document. Valder received no feedback. Wayne motions we implement the draft BCCFA Discipline document that Valder sent out; 2nd – Kevin Parks; Discussion – tabling to next meeting; Sept 5 – any more discussion – none; objections – none; abstentions – none; carried unanimous. 12. BCCFA Handbook rule changes for 2016 and 2017 – removing kick off and kick off return from play? The north says they do not want to remove this and he understands at atom but not at pee wee. Joe said he wanted each president to discuss with their groups. He will keep it on the burner for 2017. Joe would like to see for flag change from three downs to four downs for u10 and u12. Kevin agrees with the u10 division and not for the u12. Kevin would like to shorten the u10 field for next year and keep the width the same? Joe would like the presidents to go back and discuss. Joe asked about the 4 downs in the 9man? Leesa and Kevin reported lots of negative feedback from many people. Jeff Koltun feels the scores would get out of control. The north shares the same view as the others and feels the scores will get out of hand. Cindy is bringing it in this season and PW and JB divisions and will report back – CFL rules and four downs for this year only. She will report back to the group once her season begins. 13. BCPFA September meeting – Don asked about the paid position at the BCPFA. Kaila confirmed that this person is strictly paid for bookkeeping purposes only and her other positions is all volunteer hours. Jeff noted that his association is being audited and they pay a bookkeeper and feels it is necessary. Joe is against associate membership with the BCPFA who get the same benefits. North Shore Football league wants to be a member of the BCPFA and not be a member of us. Joe advised the BCPFA President that this cannot happen or he will urge the BCCFA to become an associate member. He noted that individual high schools want to join as associate members and he disagrees strongly. 14. Concern with high school and some coach’s renegade approach to dictating to players about where they play. a. need a copy of the letter being sent out. b. position we want to take. c. will have to include all community sport d. legal action Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm
2016 August minutes (added August 31, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Chel Sanghera, President VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Jeff Koltun, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man - away Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, Zone Bowl Kaila Rothkop, Secretary & Flag 1. Call to order – 7:10pm 2. Adopt agenda – Joe confirmed a newer version of the agenda. 3. BCCFA Treasurers report – Don Williams – Don is holding off on the coach allocation funds due to ongoing coaching BCPFA NCCP clinics. Zone Bowl is not over budget. We did not use the 50-50 money. Some money still owing for flag jerseys. There is a difference between jersey money collected and actual cost will subsidize Flag, 9 and 12 man championships. Don went through the bank balances. Jeff asked how much does Kelowna owe and Don confirmed over $16k. Wayne will confirm with Chilliwack’s treasurer. Don noted that if any of the members want more information from the summary to contact him. Valder asked about the budget and the actual. Don confirmed several teams did not sign up, referee costs lower than expected and the video costs were also lower than expected. Next year the Zone Bowl budget can be fine-tuned now that we have the first year completed. 4. Zone Bowl overview – Cory Philpot – Contractor invoice tabled from last meeting – he noted this issue of the invoice being presented after the fact and that it wasn’t included in the original budget. Cory said it was more of the catering portion and the wording wasn’t clear. He has paid the invoice through All Star and if this group doesn’t support it he is fine with it. Joe asked Don if the food bill was paid and Don confirmed that it was just not the service portion of over $3711.75k. Don said this type of invoice needs to be discussed first to avoid post tournament discussion and decision making. Also, we don’t pay staff for their services as we are volunteers. Joe said we need clarification to move forward and important that needs all the information if presented up front and the group come to an agreement. Joe feels fairness needs be exercised and he doesn’t want a BCCFA member to be out of pocket for a BCCFA event. Valder motions that we cover the service portion incurred on behalf of the BCCFA related cost of $2000.00; 2nd – Jeff Koltun; Discussion – none; Vote - Valder, VP – yes, Wayne – abstain, Kevin, VMFL – no, Cindy, Island – no, Jeff Koltun, SIFC – yes, North representative – yes, Kaila – yes, Leesa Warner – away, Chel Sanghera – away, Jeff Huot - away; Motion is carried. B) Player selection for each zone; standard rules for the games; and awards committee – Cory felt that zone bowl went well and received positive feedback. He noted some areas that need improvement. Joe would like to thank Cory for all of his work getting this tournament of the ground and done. A) Zone Bowl committee to assist Cory to solidify rules for coaches selection for each zone – Joe would like to see a committee created to help him manage the tournament and written rules to work from. He would like personnel at the tournament to choose the award winners from all of the athletes not just from the winning teams. Joe was happy with the outcome and thanked Cory for his efforts. C) Budget for 2017 – Joe asked if we should implement a nominal entrance fee like $2 per person or run a 50-50 to help cover tournament costs. Cory said hold off until the Midget division worked out. Joe asked about BC Lions sponsorship and Cory said we received permission to use their logo and the BC Lions are currently discussing this event and he will report back. Joe said we can table it to the December in-person meeting; Does Cory need a Volunteer to coordinator to manage the volunteers? Valder noted that each participating zone should provide volunteers for the tournament. 5. Flag 2017 – Kaila Rothkop – Update from flag meeting; Dates for 2017 – Joe is waiting to hear back from the City and the hotels. Kevin would like to see after the long weekend and two flag jamboree weekends then the provincials. Joe said the school year will be changing in the near future; Venue – 2017 will be in Kelowna. Additionally, the U19 championship will be held in Kelowna 2017. 6. Rule changes for 2016 tackle going forward - Introduce no kick-off return for Atom or Pee Wee football – Joe has spoken to many people and this issue. Wayne said the VCFL said taking out Special teams in this division and introduce it in older age divisions. Joe feels that we will lose some athletes and feels it is a disservice to the game. Cindy stated they don’t have it at Atom and makes it optional at the Pee Wee division and it’s up to coaches if it’s working for them. Wayne supports taking it out of Atom and not sure about the Pee Wee and Jeff Koltun shares Wayne’s view. Cindy motions the BCCFA eliminates kick-off and kick-off return for atom division for the 2016 BCCFA Atom championship moving forward; 2nd – Don Williams; Discussion – Valder asked if this applies to the provincials? Valder said the VMFL rulebook is done at their AGM and doesn’t feel it could be implemented in time. Joe would like the BCCFA to be pro-active and noting the safety of all players; Vote – Valder – yes, Jeff Koltun – yes, Cindy – yes, Northern rep – yes, VCFL – yes, Kevin – abstain, Kaila – yes; Vote is carried. Wayne motions that we set the ball on the 40yard line for a 100 yard field and set the ball on the 45 yard lin for the Canadian sized field; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – none; Opposed – none; Abstentions – none. Introduce 4 downs for all of 9 man football and Pee Wee 12-Man – Cindy the island is in agreement for Junior Bantam and Pee Wee and her group is aware that the championship may be 3 downs. Valder asked what the rationale is for the Bantam and Midget divisions? Joe said more throwing and more plays for the kids. Joe noted other provinces have implemented this and have positive results and feedback. Wayne noted the he’s seen both and there wasn’t much change in the game and feels that if we are going to make a change that it’s too late in the year. Joe stated that we can present at the AGM and look at the change for the 2017 season. This could be introduced in the Flag season. Joe asked that the BCCFA league Presidents speak to their association Presidents and start the discussions. Kevin supports this idea and asked if it’s an AGM item and confirmed that it is. Wayne asked if this item will be discussed or voted on at the BCCFA AGM? Joe stated the BCCFA has the authority to implement rule changes for the championships. Valder will review the constitution again and report back. 7. BCCFA role in BCPFA – Joe said this is for information purposes and the BCCFA has a problem with how the previous governing body was run and that they were not transparent as we expected. He has asked the BCPFA president to ask the BCPFA Treasurer for more details on some items. He asked about the Flag and the BCCFA’s involvement inside the BCPFA. Joe would like a BCCFA liaison to sit on all BCPFA committees to keep us in the loop with decision making. 8. Football Canada update – They are still working through some rules. They mentioned a player can only play on one roster during a season. Valder noted that they are seeing high schools are implementing a rule that kids cannot play on both high school and community teams during the fall season for the grade 8 high school teams and it’s negatively affecting our junior bantam division. Joe said we may need to write the BC school sports and clarify if this is an official school policy or individual coaches. Wayne pointed out that high school is not a member of the BCPFA and playing on two rosters cannot apply. 9. Other business – Wayne asked about spring bantam and midget divisions. Joe asked if there are numbers to support this possible change. Kaila noted that Jerry Friesen, BCPFA had positive discussion with other provinces about having a spring tackle seasons. Kaila will follow up with Jerry and share the information. Valder – the draft BCCFA disciplinary manual was sent to the members. Joe would like the group to read the document and provide feedback if need be. Wayne motions we implement the draft BCCFA Discipline document that Valder sent out; 2nd – Kevin Parks; Discussion – tabling to next meeting. Wayne asked about the Trainer certification if it was taping only. Cindy noted that our insurance will not cover trainer if they have not been certified. Cindy/VICFA asked Joe if they can play at the 12- man championship at the Pee Wee division similar to the Junior Bantam format. Kevin will ask the Presidents at the next meeting. Valder said this is a BCCFA decision. Cindy has 11 associations and she is waiting on confirmation from clubs. They play 12-man with the option of playing 9-man if the roster is too small. Joe confirmed that teams must be a full member to qualify as a game. Meeting adjourned at 9:04pm
2016 July minutes (added July 31, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man - absent Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Don Williams, Treasurer & North Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Kari Stewart, Guest 1. Call to order – 5:00pm 2. BCCFA Flag Championship big picture start 2008; includes purpose – the group was asked about value for continuing with the Flag championships. 3. BCCFA Flag championship value – BCCFA Championships are held in Kamloops, Langley and Kelowna to spread it around the provincial members. 4. BCCFA Board of Directors discord: BCCFA agenda: Zone Agenda: Personal Agendas – Joe stated that the championships are meant to be a team that works towards a common goal and personal agendas cannot interfere with the BCCFA events. Chel said the board needs to be supportive of each other. Feedback that she received that parents were left outside and communication needs to improve. Joe said that Presidents needs to share all information to their respective clubs and some information is not being shared. Joe asked if we can improve on communication out to coaches. Kaila – Bulk email on Esportsdesk that can be sent to Coaches. 5. Venue for 2017 – Chel said she has heard from her members that half enjoy Kelowna and half would like to stay in the lower mainland. Kevin stated that 90% of his clubs want it to stay in the lower mainland. Chel suggested a Survey Monkey to ask the members for their feedback. Other cities who are interested in hosting our event need to make applications at least a year in advance. Kari said more communication needs to go out to all members. Cory said if it’s moved to Kamloops there needs to a point person to set up the venue/tourney support teams. Cory said that he heard that teams would like to be scheduled on the same field and not have to move. Joe said that by September 2016 all data must be in from other cities who are interested in hosting. Joe said this event cannot bounce around from city to city and needs to commit to 5-7 years in hosting this event. Cory said we need a schedule set and communicate out to the members. 6. Review of things that went well – The majority of the tournament went well including venue, city grants, City of Kelowna, Traffic control, sanitation services, caterer, golf carts, First Aid, Commissioners, field set up, medals, programs and volunteers. 7. Things that need review – The schedule format for the two days. Mat Macri will head this up and determine a workable solution for post round robin on day one. More communication will be sent to parents prior to the tournament. 8. Allocation of chief area volunteers - 9. Limit to 32 teams or unlimited examples of schedules – Don said he likes the 32 teams. Kevin is passionate about the kids playing football and he strongly feels that all teams should be able to come to the tournament. Don understands both sides and feels that the teams in the lower brackets didn’t all have a good experience. Joe handed out three samples of tournament structures and gave an overview of his vision. Mat presented his observations and structure he would like to see. Kevin gave his overview. We agreed that get the younger division done first and go home. The older divisions go in the afternoon. The age divisions stay on the same fields. Sunday? 10. Pool play – Mat Macri will head up the schedule and work with Esportsdesk. 11. Rankings electronic or by hand – electronic ranking would take a complete system reset which would be very expensive – it will need to be manually done and a team of volunteers will be assembled for 2017. 12. Program value for sponsors – Kari feels there is zero value as she saw them discarded in the garbage. Chel has a guy who can do it for free and sells advertising. Kaila emailed the contact and is awaiting a response. 13. Medals for all- We agreed that U10, U12 medals. U14 receive participation medals 33 and below. 14. Referees – Derek LaCelle is the referee coordinator. Mat said they need to be reminded that they are there to work. Joe mentioned that each field commissioner gets his referee allocation and the commissioner is responsible for verifying games. Kevin suggested adding a referee person to report to Derek.
2016 June minutes (added June 30, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP - away Don Williams, Treasurer Chel Sanghera, President VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island - away Jeff Huot, LMFRA - away Jeff Koltun, SIFC Dan Pollard, North - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star - away Kaila Rothkop, Secretary/Flag 1. Call to order – Call to order at 7:03pm 2. BCCFA pre-tourney meeting – Joe said the City of Kelowna rejected our traffic plan. Traffic barriers, cones etc and traffic flaggers booked. Joe asked the zone reps to warn their parents not to park in restricted areas or they will be ticketed. Medals have been ordered and 10 per team and coaches do not receive medals. Golf carts ordered. Fields – Kevin is field coordinator and all or any changes must go through him. Portapotties ordered and field house washrooms are for the women only. Volunteers may use the clubhouse washrooms. Water station ordered for general public. Tasha the caterer has been confirmed and she arranged field sweepers $400 plus all the bottles. Tents please bring your own. Kevin is working on the schedule and teams are pulling out and making it stressful. He advised that after midnight tonight if teams pull out they will be noted as “forfeits”. Kevin has staggered the age divisions which Joe note will help with traffic control. Kim Shuen is the time keeper. Joe will pick up airhorns. Glenn Pencer will oversee the JI Paramedics. Referees are being coordinated and we are looking at 80 referees. Other hotels volunteers will be reimbursed at the sandman corporate rate. Baron rings dog tags will be delivered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Referee meeting on Friday at 8 and Coaches meeting at 9. Saturday will start at 9am. Joe asked if there’s anything he has missed? Wayne asked about the broadcasting – field 1 championship games early afternoon Sunday. Don asked about the breakfast - Joe said 6am. Call for adjournment at 7:48.
2016 May minutes (added May 31, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Chel Sanghera, President VCFL - away Kevin Parks, President VMFL - away Cindy Bowles, Island Jeff Huot, LMFRA Jeff Koltun, SIFC Dan Pollard, North Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator - sick Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Kaila Rothkop, Secretary/Flag 1. Call to order – Call to order at 7:08pm 2. AGM Minutes review and updates –.Valder motions to accept the minutes; 2nd Don; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; carried – unanimous. 3. Financials – Don Williams – Joe asked if the $500 limit was set and Don has not been able to do this yet. Don went through his attachments that he sent yesterday. He noted the account balances and in the positive. 4. Handbook update – Leesa to follow up she is away due to illness. Joe will follow up. Tabled. 5. BCCFA Flag Championship update – Joe has three things to discuss. Deadlines are deadlines and when is the deadline for registration. Joe went through a club submitting a late order and no single shirt orders. Sponsorship. If the teams are not using the sponsorship footballs the team will be disqualified. We need to protect the integrity of the BCCFA. 6. Registration deadlines - set. 7. Team registration - set. 8. Sponsorship jerseys - see #5 9. Medical – Joe thanked Valder for the JI contact etc. 10. Toilets – Joe booked that same amount of toilets as last year. 11. Fields – Joe booked all of fields – 9 in total and he will be working with 12. Rooms - Kaila 13. Any other championship business – Programs – Valder has worked with Infigo and he is trying to contact Daniel Fung to see if he’s interested in doing the artwork. Reusable banners – Cindy magnetic idea. Don asked about referees. 14. National Flag Championship update – Cory went through the travel and the schedule. We will provide a link for broadcasting live. Cory was asked to host next year’s Flag nationals and Canada Cup and he feels it is too soon. Cory contacted Kamloops today and they have about $70,000 of funds for national events. Also, Rob Pamar said that Richmond also has money for national events. 15. BCCFA rep – Flag nationals – Joe would like to send the BCCFA Flag Coordinator to attend the national meetings. More information out to the province. Don asked the financial responsibility for the BCCFA to send the two BC teams. Wayne to motions to send Kaila Rothkop, BCCFA Flag Coordinator to nationals; 2nd Valder; opposed abstentions carried. 16. Team swag – Skyline to provide team swag. 17. Ages – Joe asked about the ages from last year’s championship team are they eligible. All of his U16 last year were 14/15. U18 has been set to U19 for Jim Head’s team. 18. Zone bowl update – deadline is May 7, 2016. We will be able to check the schedule. Don asked about the Midget division he only has 14 kids. He will contact the rep from the Okanagan to see if they will take some of his kids. 19. BCPFA update – Kaila briefed on the coaching certification. Cory mentioned the Seahawks camp and can get 3 hours of credit. HS is still not on board as of yet. They will have to pay double for everything. Canada cup evaluation for 2017 for 2000-2001 birth years. Legacy games in Kamloops for PW division three to four teams – July 22-23, 2016. Joe wants a list of what everyone gets from Football Canada. Joe wants a blurb from the BCPFA which will come after FC AGM in June. Constitutional updates etc. Valder said the province won’t release info until fall for Societies. Who would get the Society information for the BCCFA? It will go to our lawyers. 20. Constitutional update 21. Discipline rules for BCCFA – Joe read Valder’s document and it is thorough and excellent. Valder to send out to the BCCFA executive. Joe noted we need be proactive before the AGM. Valder says we don’t have to wait for the AGM and we can send out by the end of summer. 22. Coaching certification update – Kaila said forms were sent out for interested parties to complete and send back to him. Joe asked about the coaches who paid FBC for certification and they didn’t pay Football Canada. Joe asked how many coaches were not certified by FC. Kaila to find the list. Table $11 to June. 23. Team BC – it is a high school event only and Dino has been hired by HS to coordinate it. HS is not a member of BCPFA and they are running this event on their own. 24. Sports Ngin 25. FBC posting – Joe has asked members not to pay the outstanding bills. We were overcharged for insurance by $50,000. Clubs put the money aside and wait for this issue to unfold. They have been collecting coaching certification money that wasn’t paid to football Canada. FBC owes us money. Don is urging to be careful that legally they can prove this invoice. Cory spoke with Pat Waslen and asked why he put emails on certain people and not others. Wayne clarified that FBC cannot go after the BCCFA for the money because it’s certain clubs that owe FBC. Joe will work with Steve Figner and draft a letter that will be sent from a lawyer. Cory said that Junior football is not formally responding to them. Wayne said they will either walk away or declare bankruptcy and then it will go to a trustee. 26. Carmen Zullo email – Don mentioned that Farhan Lalji stated we don’t have a recruitment policy for Flag. Joe said there are not boundaries for community and it is the parent’s decision where their kids play. This goes back before Joe’s time. The VMFL has its own recruiting rule. Joe confirmed as long as the player has returned their equipment and owes no money the kid can play wherever he wants to play. 27. Cory mentioned that Game Ready will be announcing that they’re going to run a 7 on 7 that will compete against us. It will mostly be older kids. Cory said FC today the PSO will implement by Friday every organization Trainers certification/taping and submitted to the PSO before tackle season starts. Each club will send someone to the training session that person will train their club’s trainers. Cory to send the cost and infor out. Motion to adjourn at 9:40pm
2016 April minutes (added April 30, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & 12-Man Don Williams, Treasurer & North Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Kevin Parks, President VMFL Cindy Bowles, Island Jeff Huot, LMFRA Jeff Koltun, SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Kaila Rothkop, Secretary/Flag 1. Call to order – Call to order at 7:08pm 2. AGM Minutes review and updates –.Joe asked if the group had any questions or concerns - none. Don Williams will send to the lawyers for the BCCFA annual Societies report. 3. Financials – Don Williams – Don noted the email that he sent including the financials. He briefly went through the bank account balance and receivables. Joe noted that Don has a BCCFA bank debit card and that transactions under $500 can be actioned without prior notice with the BCCFA executive. Don will ensure there is a purchase limit set of $500. Wayne motions to accept the financial report; 2nd Kevin; Discussion – Wayne acknowledged Don’s excellent work with the financials; Opposed – none; Abstentions – none; unanimous. 4. BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA), Football Canada and Sport BC – Joe advised that the BCPFA meeting was held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 and it went well. He noted that Cory and Kaila were in attendance as well. Joe confirmed that the BCPFA is the new PSO for amateur football in BC. Joe noted the new BCPFA executive as Frank Naso, President; Dave Sullivan, Vice President; Steve Figner, Treasurer and these positions are two year terms except the VP. Meeting schedule. There have been some start up costs that need to be reimbursed. Don noted some esportsdesk fees lessen the amount. We collected $5 per player for the new PSO. The numbers are 5101 – Don will confirm. Leesa wants to see something in writing of the $5 per player invoice from BCPFA. Joe asked for questions and Don asked about the plan of the BCPFA like coaching. Joe went through Making Headway which included Ethics. They need to certify new people in each zones to instruct the coaching certification courses. Jerry Friesen is the new Technical Director and he will be developing and presenting a work plan. Football Canada is coming out with new levels for coaches. Kevin is concerned that the BCPFA does not have a plan yet or how they will accommodate all of the coaches that need to be certified before tackle season practices commence. Don asked about the Team BC and if it will be continuing. Joe said a new provincial team format will continue and more information to follow. Don asked if high school will be joining the BCPFA and Joe said they want to adopt our insurance and participate in national events. Dino. Coaching clinics must be sanctioned. Wayne asked how would sanctioning occur and would like guidelines around this issue. We need something on the website about sanctioning. Our events are Starbowl, Zone bowl, championships flag and tackle, league play. Cory gave a brief update. Joe asked about the letter from Sport BC and Via Sport. Cory mentioned the $5 per kid. He advised that every player and coaches must go to Football Canada and pay $11 to be a member of Football Canada. Don suggested that the BCCFA pays the coaches Football Canada membership fee out of the annual fees. Don Motions to investigate reallocating the budget to pay the coaches FC $11 membership fee from the coaches certification money raised in the player fee; 2nd Wayne; discussion – yes; opposed – none; abstentions – none; carried. 5. Flag Football update, concerns, final date for championship jerseys – Joe confirmed that the final championship date is April 15, 2016 – no exceptions and no late orders. He reiterated promoting this event and managing the few negative clubs. Joe met with the city and will forward information to Kevin. 6. 9-Man Update – Joe asked that zones who have 9-Man coordinators to get in touch with Leesa. 7. 12-Man, 5 year plan – Joe said this is directed towards the VMFL and VCFL to review their plans and formulate a solid direction. 8. Assistance for Starbowl players – Joe asked the group about subsidizing or billeting four kids from the island. Joe forwarded to Kevin to discuss with Mike Ettinger, ND Longhorns. 9. Joe motions for Yeera Samie President of cloverdale to cease to be a member in good standing : 4.27 Discipline – The Board may make policies and procedures relating to discipline of Members, and will have the authority to discipline Members in accordance with such policies and procedures. 2. The objectives of the Society are to: b. To promote and foster co-operation, sportsmanship, and good relationships between all member bodies playing youth football; 2.18 Discipline –A Member may be suspended or expelled from the Society in accordance with the Society’s policies and procedures relating to discipline of Members; 2.21 Cease to be in Good Standing - Members who cease to be in good standing may have privileges suspended and will not be entitled to vote at meetings of Members and, where the Member is a Director, at meetings of Directors, or be entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership until such time as the Board is satisfied that the Member has met the definition of good standing as set out above. Members not in good standing for twelve (12) consecutive months will be expelled from the Society – Joe read the motion in its entirety - When a person constantly undermines the operations and constantly sends out negative emails. He has been told countless times the policy and procedures of attending meetings and he has chosen to ignore the advice given. Cloverdale football is not being represented properly. Joe calls for a motion or tabling. 2nd Jeff Huot; Discussion – Joe has about 45 pages of disruptive and abrasive emails that were sent to him, Valder, Kevin and many other people in group emails. Leesa feels we may be setting a dangerous precident. Don said he would like to present this to him and issue a warning and if he continues then we proceed. Joe stated he sought legal advice and the cost of the case would be about $10,000 and a personal cease and desist letter was sent to him. He was told again that if he attended the AGM and asked his questions they would be answered. Tabled to the next meeting. 10. BCCFA Logo – Jeff Huot asked permission to use the BCCFA logo on one side of the LMFRA game coin. All in favour – yes; Opposed – none; Abstentions – none. Passed. 11. BCCFA Emails – the emails are set up and not everyone is using it. Wayne will resend and gave instructions. 12. Flag U19 Category – Don said that keeping it in the lower mainland kills the U19 program in the North. He would like this decision to be made at the BCCFA level. Kevin said he brought it up at the meeting and his clubs said no. Joe asked the zones to go back and discuss. Fields are not a problem. After this year we will develop a plan. 13. Email streams and negative responses – Joe advised to expect some negative emails and discussion coming forward with the new PSO. He encourages that we do not respond or partake in this and if it’s too disrup Motion to adjourn at 9:36pm
2016 February minutes (added February 29, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary/Flag 1. Call to order – at 7:04pm. 2. February minutes – Joe asked everyone if the Minutes were fine. Cindy motions to accept Jan minutes; 2nd Valder; opposed none; abstentions - none; carried. 3. Financials – Don Williams – Joe asked Don to make recommendations. Don took Ed’s spreadsheets and he restructured the format to event specific to make the document reader friendly. A condensed version will be submitted for the AGM. Don will be sending out a 2016 budget and asked for comments and feedback from the group. Joe noted that all upcoming coaching certification courses will be managed by the BCCFA. Leesa noted that there is a $70 per hour rate for Coaches instructors. Don would like each of the programs to balance out. We need to be mindful when applying for grants that we were penalized last year because we showed a balance rather than deficit. Don said we are quadrupling our budget this year with big costs attached to running our programs. Our cash flow is dwindling until Spring Flag fees start coming in. Don stated we have $41,000 in the general account. Don motions to accept the financials; 2nd Wayne; opposed – none; abstentions – none; carried. 4. Upcoming AGM agenda – Joe said BCFC, Baron Rings and FBC won’t be in attendance. Skyline will be in attendance. Joe went through the report sequences and added Zone bowl. The dates of the 2016 BCCFA Championship dates should be included. Also new PSO information. Valder suggested the former FBC agenda item #4. Leesa asked if zone reps have sent out requests to their cities. Joe said each club in attendance gets a vote and no proxy votes are permitted. Joe went through the eligibility of members in good standing to run for positions. Valder suggested that item #4 can also cover insurance, coach certification and new items for discussion. Zone bowl will have its own line item. Valder asked that each zone Presidents send out to their clubs seeking input and to send to Kaila on or before February 24, 2016 by midnight. 5. AGM booklet approval – Joe asked for the zone reps to Kaila by the 7th. 6. BCCFA Constitution – Joe added this agenda item and it’s the first time he was questioned about providing a province wide event. He finds this friction unfortunate and disappointing. Joe also noted at the 2014 BCCFA 12-Man championship issue when the concession was shut down hours before the event was unconscionable. He also pointed out that one of the home club’s provided food for their own club members and they didn’t support North Langley’s concession. Valder feels that it wasn’t LMF’s intent. 7. Flag update – Joe said we need a program for flag. Do we want to contract it out to Daniel or find someone else within the community football clubs. Cory suggested we go directly to the Indigo to see if they will work with us. Valder committed to contacting the company to see if they will work with us. Joe said the BCCFA has received the Community Sport’s Hero Award in Kelowna. Joe stated that every participant must have our insurance. Valder had a request from Royal City Hyacks asked for a copy of the Sponsorship agreement and Joe declined this request as this agreement is between Skyline and the BCCFA. Valder will copy Joe on his email to Royal City Hyacks. Our sponsorship expires January 1, 2018. 8. BCCFA Handbook update – Leesa noted her proposed changes. Section 1 – change game balls to Sponsor ball – yes. Section 2 - change to 30 points at the half for mercy rule. VCFL – if a team is trailing by 18 points at the half. In 2.3 if a team is trailing by 30 points at any time in the game go to mercy rule. Go with 30 points or more at any point in the game. Wayne said we have to come up with wording on this. If it’s in the Canadian amateur book its fine and can be scratched out. Section 3 - Leesa asked why we can’t play on a 100 yard field but Wayne plays on the 110 yard field. Leesa agrees to 110 by 52 with a 15 yard end zone. Section 4 – if a player loses his helmet he must leave the field for one play? Jeff Huot says the player should be off the field for 3 plays unless it’s by a foul and the player doesn’t have to leave the field. Leesa to scratch the last items. Section 4.8 jersey numbering – PW was changed last year. Jeff Huot said it is PW and up and it is in the Canadian Rule book and should be across the board. Section 5.3 – Midget division teams carry maximum 43 players and 9-man carry a minimum of 13 – leave it as unlimited. All players must register online – added. Section 4.6 Verification must be on the verified roster – Valder. 7 – all verified roster online – Leesa to rework. Section 4.7 - League commissioner will get rosters from teams. Section 4.10 – playing up one age division. VMFL doesn’t allow this. Game commissioner must have a list of duties. Section 8.4i – forfeit by being late by bus or ferry breaking down must have a provision. 8.4d – no fans near the player benches. Section 9 - Scoring – JB is to 2 points for a convert. Section 12.2a – non-refundable $200 cheque win or lose. Section 13.2 Minimum plays rule except Midget divsion. Add in Post-season play $300 for teams not travelling for championship. Section 15 - OT in playoffs Leesa to change wording except 25 – 10 – 5 (3 attempts to score). Coaches must complete certification with Safe Contact, Ethics and Concussion awareness. First Aid must have medical personnel at contact practices – Leesa to add Occupational first aid. Appendices all volunteers to be screened. 9. Insurance binders – the first batch was sent to Jaz Binning at Envision. Leesa is waiting on a couple clubs for information. 10. Deferred motion for online registration – From January - Wayne motions all BCCFA sanctioned events (Starbowl, Zone bowl, Spring tackle, Spring Flag and Fall tackle) must be registered through Esportsdesk; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – none; Opposed – SIFC; Island – yes, VMFL – yes, VCFL – yes, North – yes - carried 11. Zone bowl – Cory asked about asking Langley Minor football to run the concession. Kaila suggested rotating the days. Valder suggested rotating the concession opportunity by year. Cory asked if Wayne and Valder can contact their respective clubs for a bid. Cory reports that preparation is going smoothly so far. He will be travelling to the island this weekend. Cory noted that Mt.Doug and VC met and their players were told they cannot participate or they will be suspended from the football team for one year. Notre Dame will be meeting this week. Cory has asked the BC Lions to use their logo on the jerseys. Don wanted to clarify high school kids will have to pay an additional $10 on top of the $165 to cover insurance. Yes, high school athletes that are not participating in any community programs are subject to paying the $10 insurance fee to be covered in the Zone bowl event. 12. New PSO vote – Joe stated that BCFOA and BCFC have officially withdrawn from BCAFA. The BCCFA will pay for the coaching certification. The new PSO will be part of Football Canada and will be recognized by Sport BC. It doesn’t negatively affect BC Gaming. This organization will allow us to move forward and is important to our membership. Leesa asked if we have anything in writing from Football Canada. Cory said we have received verbal commitment from Football BC and Sport BC. They have to have their respective AGMS – FC – February 15th and Sport BC – March 1st. Worst case scenario we are not accepted with FC we can still operate as BCCFA but won’t qualify for Jumpstart/Kids Sport and complete nationally. Don asked about the cost of the PSO and Cory stated for 2016 the fee is $5 per athlete. Valder suggests that we prepare an official statement from the PSO and Valder volunteered to draft the letter for Joe’s signature. Wayne motions that the BCCFA applies to join the new BC provincial football association; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – none; Vote – VMFL – yes; VCFL – yes; 9-man coordinator – yes; North – yes; LMFRA – yes; Flag Coordinator – yes; Abstentions – island – carried. 13. Sport BC – See #12 14. Kids Sport – See #12 15. New business for March meeting – Valder noted he worked with Mel to go through the constitution and stated no administrative comments and he heard very little from members. Joe said he will respond to Kamloops regarding hosting the Spring Flag championship. The cheerleaders are added to the insurance policy and only covered at the games and practices. Don – BCCFA emails via esportsdesk at $180 for the year. Wayne motions to proceed with Esportsdesk hosted emails for $180 annually; 2nd Cindy; Discussion – none; abstention – none; opposed – none; Carried. Motion to adjourn at 10:12pm
2016 January minutes (added January 31, 2016)
BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL - absent Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, Treasurer & North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary 1. Call to order – 7:08 2. December minutes – Joe noted the two sets of meeting minutes. Cindy motions to accept both sets of meeting minutes – accepted. 3. Financials – Don Williams – reported that he is in the process of taking over the financials and will provide a report next month. 4. Esportsdesk – Don gave an overview of the meeting. The $30 will cover everything. Don asked about the $11 Football Canada fee – Cory said it will be for the kids who want to play nationally. Joe thought it could be a drop down menu option. He still wants more discussion with Football Canada to determine what they will offer our BC athletes. He asked Cory about the Coaches fees and he said if all JB, Bantam and Midget players pay the $11 the coaches will be covered. If we go with the option of player choosing to pay the Football Canada membership the coaching certification will be about $200. Joe said he wants to see the list of coaches who have taken the courses and discuss with Football Canada. Don also presented having uniformed BCCFA email addresses. Esportsdesk can create these as the domain host at $25 per email address. Don said we will get more information and present to the group. The Spring Flag Championship tournament is set for June 4 & 5 2016. 9-Man BCCFA Championship will be November 19 & 20, 2016. 12- Man BCCFA Championship will be December 4, 2016. The BCCFA AGM will be held on Sunday, March 6, 2016. 5. Flag update Referee Clinic – Derek Lacelle has agreed to teach the course again this year. 6. Insurance – Cory has advised the insurance is ready to go January 1, 2016. He requires the zone reps to send him the cities to be covered in the liability insurance. Joe said he wants one person managing the contact with the insurance company. Leesa will be the contact person. Don asked about payment and Joe suggested putting 10% down of $5400 and then pay the Spring flag insurance and then pay the balance in fall tackle. Joe said we need to set a motion to make online registrations mandatory. Wayne motions all BCCFA sanctioned events (Starbowl, Zone bowl, Spring tackle, Spring Flag and Fall tackle) must be registered through Esportsdesk and each zone rep will discuss with their members and bring the results back in February; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – none; opposed – none; abstentions – none. 7. Coaching Clinics – 1. Intro to coaching ethics, safe contact, and concussion online. 2. Level 2 area coaching. 3. Head coach and area coordinators – Joe gave a brief overview of the particulars with taking this certification process over. Cory met with Football Canada today and there are 15 people qualified to deliver and teach the coaching clinics. Chel asked how each zone will manage the clinics and Cory said to contact him and he will coordinate the verified instructors. Joe would like to have each zone set an annual date for their own coaching clinics. Don asked for clarification that the BCCFA will be paying for the coaching clinics out of the $30 and Joe confirmed this. We could be hosting up to 8 clinics per year. Don asked what we will be paying the instructors. Joe said in the past a one hour class is $50 etc. 8. Football Canada – See above in 7. 9. FBC update – Joe asked Cory if he’s heard anything. The two lawyers have met to reinstate Larry Reda, Pat Waslen, Mark Nykoliachuk to their previous FBC roles. Frank Naso and Steve Figner will resign. 10. Tabled item from December 5th in-person meeting – BCCFA rules/bylaws and/or constitutional changes – Joe asked about an update. Leesa sent out the info and asked the group to review it and she heard nothing back yet. Will table it for February’s meeting. The BCCFA AGM 11. Flag contract with the Sandman – Joe received a contract for renewal as the sponsor hotel. They gave $750 Pay to Play and flag championship rooms. We receive upgraded rooms for working volunteers and a complimentary boardroom. Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm
BCCFA Minutes - January 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Monthly Meeting Monday, January 5, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP Leesa Warner, 9-man coordinator Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Jeff MacDonald, Island Cory Philpot, All star Wayne Bjorge Kaila Rothkop Doug Pauls Chel Sanghera, A/VCFL President Meeting commenced at 7:05 1. December’s minutes – Joe motions to accept the minuets; Second by Don Williams; passed unanimous. 2. New business – Joe asked if there is any new business – none addes. Don noted the BCCFA has a balance of $69K we need to be very careful increasing fees. Joe agrees and noted that our expenses will be increasing and need to be proactive rather than reactive. Come back to this later. 3. On-line registration – referring to Ed’s spreadsheet with associations who have not paid we have no idea if players have had insurance or not. This is case and point why the introduction of on- line registration is long overdue and necessary. Joe asked for on-line registration updates from each zone – Don said Vanderhoof has taken the first step. Wayne – was waiting on the training and will provide feedback. Chel mentioned some of the VCFL association representatives will be taking the training. VMFL noted they will be having an in-person session this Wednesday. Island – one member signed up and he noted Victoria will be meeting about it and he has not heard from Nanaimo. Leesa said the SIFC is waiting for training before they sign up. It should not be any more work for the registrars. 4. On-line registration issues - Don has noted the 4% on credit card transactions has caused some feedback suggested the fees be incorporated in the player fees. Doug highlighted that each association can still do paper registrations if they don’t want to use Esportdesk software. 5. Spring flag representatives – Dean in Kelowna, Don in PG, Island not playing and are trying to start in-house then hopefully be in a better position for 2016, Kamloops will depend on the new President and Leesa has been approached by the 2014 President but will wait and see until after the AGM. Leesa asked if we can set up a secondary player’s kit of Jerseys only. Joe stated each package is standardized for consistency amongst the participating teams in BC and considering we are in the final year of the sponsors he can’t look at it this year. Tabled. Doug suggested about creating a credit that could be used for Skyline. Championship team registration declarations deadline set for May 12th and April 24th for jersey order for championships. Joe needs six weeks prior to the season starting and/or championships to place the orders. 6. New Association Presidents – table this until after the association AGMs. 7. Island meeting – Joe will be in the lower mainland and would like to schedule a meeting with Comox, Nanaimo, Cowichan and Victoria association on January 17 or 18, 2015 in Nanaimo. Jeff will call the island associations and confirm which date will work. Kaila will confirm the venue once Jeff reports back. 8. High school/9-Man – information will come in after the High School AGM on the January 10, 2015. Don will be attending this meeting and will report back. 9. New reps – SIFC will not have a new rep until all associations have their meeting. Jeff M. said he will continue and Leesa will stay on as 9- Man coordinator. 10. AGM – fee increase? Location – Valder. Kaila review the minutes for items that were not completed. Kaila collect the zone Presidents reports by February 21, 2015. The AGM is set for March 8, 2015. The meeting advisory must be sent out 30 days prior to the AGM plus it’s an election year. We will look at North Delta recreation centre – Cory will book the room tomorrow. 11. Fecal matter at 9-Man championships – Leesa sent the email out regarding this issue. The situation occurred during the Atom division games and we are unable to confirm the specific team in question. The BCCFA will have to pay the cleaning bill and commit to having the appropriate locker room security for next year. Leesa will write an apology letter to the City of Kamloops. Leesa will ask for the invoice from the City and the she will send an email to the BCCFA for a vote to pay the bill. Wayne motions for Leesa to obtain the locker room cleaning invoice and she will send out to the BCCFA via email for vote to approve to pay the bill; Second by Doug; Vote all in favour. 12. Executive Director – table it to February. Motion to adjourn at 8:35
BCCFA Minutes - February 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Monthly Meeting Monday, February 2, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Leesa Warner, 9-man coordinator - away Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Jeff MacDonald, Island Cory Philpot, All star - away Doug Pauls, Flag Director Wayne Bjorge Kaila Rothkop Meeting commenced at 7:10 1. January minutes – Joe motions to accept January’s meeting minutes; Second, Jeff McDonald; Vote carried. 2. AGM – Chel and Joe have submitted their reports. Please get your zone reports to Kaila at your earliest convenience. Joe presented the draft BCCFA AGM agenda items with the group. Lots of discussion with combining BCCFA and esportsdesk fees for next year. Flag championship for 2016 will be scheduled on June 11 & 12, 2016. 12-Man championship and 9-Man championship game times will stay the same. Coaches online registration for insurance needs to be confirmed with esportsdesk. 9-man overtime rules needs to be shared with the members. 3. Online registration – We continue to collaboratively work with FBC and Esportsdesk with identifying and working through technical issues to streamline the implementation for members. This is the start-up year and we anticipated many anomalies and we are committed to working though everyone’s concerns. Kaila registered her son and reported it was a very easy process. The Esportsdesk staff have exceeded expectations with their hands on approach and flexibility to make this implementation successful. 4. Flag – deadlines for jersey orders and managing late registrants. May 4, 2015 is the deadline for championship jersey order and March 11, 2015 is the deadline for regular season jersey order date. Doug asked about the championship fee rolling the $10 championship fee into the team registration fee. Doug motions to combine the $10 championship player fee with the $75 championship team fee based on a team of 8 will be $155 per team – additional players will pay $15 per athlete; Second, Wayne Bjorge; Discussion - no; Opposed – no; abstain – Jeff McDonald because the island isn’t participating this year. Doug received an email from Football Saskatchewan last week expressing interest in being involved in a “National flag tournament” this summer to all the Canadian PSO. It is understand that Football Canada will NOT be providing support for hosting a National tournament in 2015. He replied that in 2014 we (BCCFA) were involved with the Seahawks 12th man fan celebration event & provided administrative support for their youth flag tournament. We (BCCFA) were looking at being involved again w the Seahawks (or possibly not & run completely independently) to host a regional championship tournament. Both Football Saskatchewan & Manitoba expressed interest in potentially participating in the event provided logistics (age divisions, date of event, etc) & costs made sense. Doug proposes allocating some funds for subsidizing for housing, meals for the Seahawk tournament and participating teams will pay a participation fees. Joe noted that we did not send any teams to play national and did not spend any funds last year. Joe has spoken with JC Boyce about teaming up with some of his American contacts about putting together a big tournament. He needs the Seahawks Canada to be more organized and Doug contacted their rep and will report back. 5. Coaches discipline, Warning, week suspension, BCCFA Championship suspension – written warning after verbal warning; 2nd time automatic week suspension no coaching practice or coaching games and the BCCFA will review and decide if the coach will be permitted to go to the championships. Joe noted we don’t have a current policy and we need to draft one for Flag. Joe will draft something and send it out to the voting members for next month’s BCFFA exec meeting. 6. Rocket Stick and cost for updates – Wayne gave a brief description of the benefits of this product and noted the benefits and low cost to obtain this technology for BCCFA championships. Joe motions for Kaila to order this product through her own mobile contract and report the usage and cost; Second, Wayne; vote carried. 7. Island update – information sharing and communication with island associations with exception of one seems to be working better for everyone. Junior Bantam appears to be the division that will draw the associations in to play together. 8. Zone updates – LMFRA – will be enforcing proper jersey numbering this coming season (Eligible pass receivers 1-49 and 80-99; Ineligible pass receivers 50-79) for every age division. Please inform your respective associations. North – FBC hosted a coaching clinic and tryout. They are getting ready for flag. VCFL – Starbowls right around the corner. Big changes in Mission and is having to work through it. VCFL is having their AGM this week. Valder – VMFL AGM coming up soon. Lots of association executive changes with long standing Presidents stepping down and lots of new people coming in. 9. 9-Man – tabled until next month. 10. Other business - Joe mentioned JC Boyce and the Signing Day group and offered us access to their website for coaching webinars for free for the BCCFA. This site applies to high school and older athletes to learn about recruiting and educating kids. He is willing to participate and walk us through his webinars and he would like to partner with the BCCFA. We need to inform all members of the BCCFA AGM by February 8, 2015. Kaila noted that it is posted on the BCCFA website since late January 2015. Joe motions to adjourn next meeting on March 2, 2015
BCCFA Minutes - March 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, March 2, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Leesa Warner, 9-man coordinator Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Jeff MacDonald, Island - away Cory Philpot, All star - away Doug Pauls, Flag Director Wayne Bjorge Kaila Rothkop Meeting commenced at 7:11 Joe ran through the guests that were invited: FBC, BC Lions and BCFC and Gord Johnson is the only invitee that has confirmed. Sponsors – Skyline will be in attendance and Baron Rings and Sandman will not be in attendance. Any Other Business – Valder added “play down” for a player with a medical condition. Will he be eligible to play in the playoff games. Joe said no and noted that it is an insurance issue to play down. Valder said he would ask the BCCFA and then get back to the VMFL. Joe – will check with FBC for a final answer. Joe asked if anyone has any issues with last year’s AGM Minutes – none. Treasurers report is done and will be included in the AGM Report. Wayne – will conduct the President and Vice- President elections. Kaila received no nominations for the President’s position. BCCFA fee change – no concerns All Star – The feedback is that some zones don’t feel they have fair representation. Dialogue with zones has begun and Cory is committed to working with zone reps this coming year and selecting players from each zone. Joe talked with Dino and suggested he attend and watch the kids play. Shootout rules will need to be written up for the BCCFA Handbook. Constitutional changes – none Online registration is continuing and many clubs have registered and are using the system. This is a work in progress and we are committed to working out all concerns and issues that have been raised. Flag championships – Joe covered the misinformation about players moving associations. Joe noted as long as the player is in good standing they can go wherever they want and there are no boundaries. Joe noted that if a coach or player is suspended it must be addressed according to all league rules. Communication is an ongoing concern and the President’s Council is urging that club Presidents to share all incoming information with their executives, coaches and parent body. Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm
BCCFA Minutes - April 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, April 6, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Doug Pauls, Flag Director Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Todd Reuther, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:06 Away: Leesa Warner, 9-man coordinator 1. Adoption of Agenda – Joe motions to adopt the agenda; 2nd Wayne; unanimous 2. Previous Minutes – Table the AGM minutes to the May 2015 meeting. 3. New Business (add to 18.1) – Todd Reuther introduced himself to the group as the new island representative. 4. Hotel rooms for Kelowna, names and numbers per room – Valder, , Jayne, Wayne, Leesa, Cory, Don, Doug. 5. Orange Helmet awards – Kaila (2), Leesa (2), Jeff, Cory, 6. Cheque for Star Bowl – The decision was made via email by the voting members. Joe motions for $800; Don 2nd; unanimous 7. Date for 9-Man Championship to be published – Confirmed in Kamloops on Saturday, November 21, 2015. We will revisit the date for 2016. 8. Date for 12-Man Championship to be published – Originally confirmed in Langley on Saturday, November 28, 2015. Wayne suggested that we discuss moving the championship to Sunday, December 6, 2015. It will be a week after Grey cup and high school championships and it won’t conflict with anything. Joe noted some misinformation that was brought up at the AGM the attendance hasn’t changed much. Do we have to argue that the 9-Man championship isn’t as big of a draw as 12-Man. Wayne noted he enjoyed the shootout format at the 9-Man and supports the format. Valder stated that the VMFL Presidents’ prefer the later date that Wayne suggested. Chel mentioned the VCFL has their showcase game on December 13th. Wayne motions to move the 12-man championships to Sunday, December 6, 2015; 2nd Valder; Discussion – none; carried. 9. Flag – Doug – we have over 1300 registrations so far and it is up 20%. Flag Sponsorship – we are still in contract with Skyline and the sponsor would like to recoup some of their investment by sales to clubs. MVP and Big Kahuna have many clients and they don’t give money back nor do they sponsor leagues. Flag hard goods and jerseys – Joe noted two clubs have not picked up their hard goods. Kaila is continuing to work with clubs regarding the Flag orders. 2016 Flag online registration - 2016 Flag package – (a) Player registration includes: BCCFA membership, insurance and two jerseys and (b) Coaches registration includes: 2 age appropriate footballs plus select bean bags and cones - the membership has noted some ideas and Joe is open to being flexible in meetings the clubs’ needs. Doug asked Joe if we could have a warehouse stockpile of jerseys for immediate delivery. Joe spoke with Russell about having certain colours available and then there’s artwork and we don’t which age group will spike from year to year. Kaila noted that this is the first year with the online registrations and jersey ordering and we need to be flexible but next year we must set firm regular season online registration deadline to avoid the continuous late orders coming in from clubs. Also she suggested that on or before the deadline clubs can order extra jerseys in each size to have on hand for late registrants. Flag Championships fees, cheque or online – Doug suggested clubs mail cheques to Ed. A credit card option will be available as well. Flag Championship team packages for Kelowna; site needs to be closed at midnight of the last day of team registrations on May 11, 2015. No late registrations for t-shirts – teams who already have the package deadline is on May 11, 2015. Don asked about the U19 and Doug confirmed the championship is in Richmond. Prince George and Kelowna will be sending teams to participate in the U19 championships. Joe asked Doug if he needs the baseball fields in Kelowna as well. Doug mentioned parking attendants and Joe will be meeting with the City and he will reserve all of the fields and report back. 10. North Surrey coach suspension – Joe is concerned that North Surrey has not complied with forwarding the requested paperwork. Valder confirmed he has not been suspended by the VMFL. Joe asked if there’s a timeframe and Valder said 14 days. Joe noted due process has not been exercised in this case. Valder confirmed he has not seen the requested information. There will be an appeal process. Joe asked Valder to communicate the BCCFA’s concerns with this matter and due process to the North Surrey president. 11. North Surrey complaint – Joe sent the letter of complaint to the group regarding a coaching complaint. Joe responded that due process must be followed with the North Surrey executive first and then the VMFL and/or the BCCFA if there is no resolution. 12. Vancouver Island rep – Todd introduced himself and looks forward to working with everyone. 13. Star Bowl, Valder/Chel – Chel gave an overview of the dates, VCFL and VMFL games to the group. It will be a great event and it will be broadcasted by VBN. 14. Border Bowl – Chel gave an overview about the Border Bowl’s. The camp is a profit camp run by Ron Dias and it is broadcasted and the rosters are sent to 22 college and universities. Joe asked that the rosters notate the community players. Don mentioned that we need to be mindful of promoting a for profit camp the optics could be negative. 15. BCCFA All Stars, Cory – provided a general update of the JB All star game on April 11 in Langley. Communication is paramount to building the All Star program and he noted some zone representative issues early in the year that has since been resolved. He highlighted the upcoming JB and Bantam team Florida trip. Cory noted his Global interview regarding the All Star Junior teams and they will be doing another interview for the BCCFA All Stars. Joe asked for a list of clubs the kids come from for the All Star teams. 16. Letter to Football BC – Gord Johnson, BCFC has sent FBC a letter requesting their financials within a specific timeline. The BCCFA and the Referees have sided with BCFC. Joe confirmed that we have heard nothing to date regarding the financials. Gord has contacted Sport BC to find out the next steps. One route is that Football BC is collapsed and then rebuild or the BCCFA, BCFC and Referees separate from FBC. The BCCFA has to pay $20 membership, insurance, coaching certification and we get nothing in return. 17. BCCFA to leave Football BC – If we choose to leave FBC there are many constitutional changes that must be happen. We would have to make all members aware of the abrupt changes. Wayne confirmed there is another insurer who will provide insurance. Cory stated he has an insurer who is covering his All Stars. Joe said this Fall we will have accurate numbers of Flag, 9 and 12 man players. Joe stated this issue must be seriously discussed before we make the decision to leave FBC. VCFL, North, SIFC, are 100% in agreement to leave FBC. The VMFL and island are also in support of this and will have to vote. Cory asked who can provide coaching certification other than FBC representatives. Joe said there are seven certified instructors in BC who can certify community coaches. Todd said it has been a huge issue to get certified instructors over to the island and they can’t afford to send their coaches to the mainland. Joe said we can contract a certified instructor to deliver the training on the island. Joe said he’s asked FBC for two years to set up a schedule so we can promote it within. Chel said the April coaches training date doesn’t work and we need to find another trainer that is willing to work with us. Wayne asked what the next steps are to leaving FBC? Joe said we need to find a suitable person to revise the Constitution. He suggested Rick Keen and Mel Beaton’s name was also put forward. Valder said he would touch base with Mel. Cory asked why it’s mandatory for Flag coaches to be certified this year and not in the past. Valder suspects the issues started with Burnaby wanting to join the VMFL. Joe said we need to table the coaching certification issue. 18. Conversation of the start of tackle season, no pads until the 3rd Monday of July – the community season is longer and we need to look at the contact issue. Joe asked that the execs talk to their respective clubs about this issue. 19. New Business – (1) Look at island championship – Todd will need to speak to the island clubs and will report back at the next meeting. Motion to adjourn; 2nd Todd Reuther
BCCFA Minutes - May 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, May 4, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Doug Pauls, Flag Director Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at Away: 1. Adoption of Minutes – Valder asked for confirmation of where the cheque for 2. Previous Minutes – Table the AGM minutes to the May 2015 meeting. 3. Treasurers update – Joe gave Ed cheques for $40,000 from BC Lions. 4. Flag Championship; attendance of exec.; Doug oversee no specific job and allocation of jobs for executive – Valder, Don, Doug, Leesa, Wayne, Cory, Kaila, Jayne, Jay Spencer MR, Kim Shuen (3 kids), Mike Bellefontaine (Travis), Ed?, and 12 referee rooms. Kaila to email Dean Kennedy for referee numbers. Doug needs Field Commissioner for each field and requires 8 people, Jayne – score recorder, Kaila – score keeper, Volunteer hospitality, water, burger and chips, protein bars, and sport drink. First aid is confirmed. Joe has booked tent and PA system, VBN to broadcast 4 games. Doug asked about parking lot attendants and Joe is considering hiring some OK Suns players for parking control or RCMP Auxilliary or a Traffic Control company. Doug noted Phase 1 team registrations for tier 3 ends tonight at midnight. Phase 2 team registration for clubs who have purchased jerseys begins tomorrow and will close on May 11th. All payments are via credit card and not accepting cheques. Joe noted that he was asked if clubs could use jerseys from last year and he said no because the revenue from the jerseys were used last year. 5. VBN contract – Wayne highlighted the services to be provided and the quote is $2194.50. Joe asked about showing Sponsors and how much the cost will be. Wayne said to show Sponsors is an additional $200. Cindy Motion to contract VBN sports for $2404.50; 2nd Valder; Discussion – none; unanimous. 6. Membership rules and who can be a member of each association, and membership of BCCFA – Presidents council are made up of elected positions. A lifetime member can run for the President. Appointed positions are members. There are people who are holding executive positions are not members and we need to clean this up if we are going independent. 7. Advertising for 9 man – Wayne suggested creating promotion posters. Joe would like to see banners made for the 9 and 12 man championships and the island championship. 8. 12 man recruiting – Doug noted the Shrum Bowl is being revived the first week in December. SFU is hosting this year and the games will be American rules. 9. 9 man midget – Wayne said he has one team in the VCFL looking into it. Valder said it’s a bit early yet and they have changed team declaration process. Wayne asked if other areas have 9 man Bantam and Leesa said the SIFC will be having Bantam teams. Leesa said that they are trying to work something out with the high schools to keep football alive. The high schools are struggling. Cindy said she is not aware of any 9 man teams on the island. 10. Island football update – they are trying to get the Co-op league to come to the table. Cindy is trying to get the clubs to confirm. Some clubs only play American rules and they are trying to get the teams on board to play 9 man. Kaila asked if it would help if some BCCFA reps came over again to help steer the meeting. 11. All zones on projected growth – Don said his numbers are about the same for tackle and the Flag numbers dipped a bit because some clubs backed out last minute. SIFC is growing slowly at the younger ages and the Bantam division will definitely be growing this coming year. VCFL just finished Starbowl and will focus on the Fall tackle. VMFL said the too just finished Starbowl and getting through Flag and then focus on Fall. Jeff said they have a table at the Outdoor living at Westbrook mall and looking at gaining some exposure and interest. 12. Ideas for travel assistance – how can we help teams that have to travel to tournaments. Leesa noted that a decision was made two years ago that teams travelling to a tournament didn’t have to pay the tournament fees. Don said that BC High School has a pot and the schools submit a request for travel costs. Joe said we need to look at dispersing funds. 13. Football Summit – Joe noted all of the attachments and encourages everyone read the documents. They need a representative and Joe will be representing the BCCFA. Jeff said that the LMFRA was not invited and the BCFOA were invited and that is not right. Valder said it was a great session and the BC Lions, Football Canada seem to be taking the leadership role and that is very positive. Doug echos Valder’s comments and he feels that everyone is not on the same page. Leesa said the BC Lions said they would like to send up some players before their training camp. 14. Football BC – the BCFC sent a letter to Football BC in March. Gord Johnson said he contacted the lawyer about where the financial statements were and they had not. He contacted the province about the last time they filed their report and they claimed they filed August 2014 without the financials. It appears FBC has not been following the Constitution for some time and this puts us in a position to look at a contingency fund for the lawyer. They may call an extraordinary AGM by the BCCFA, BCFC and referees. Wayne is asking what we will be allowed to do and Leesa says the Constitution will dictate what we can and cannot do. We need to get the financials on the table first. Leesa went through steps that need to be taken at the meeting with FBC. Leesa can get a copy of their Constitutions and will send to Joe in preparation of the next steps. 15. Contingency fund for lawyers Meeting adjourned; 2nd by Leesa. Next meeting June 1st.
BCCFA Minutes - June 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, June 1, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Ed Huber, Treasurer Don Williams, North Barry Moffatt, VP LMFRA Doug Pauls, Flag Director Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:06 Away: 1. Adoption of Minutes – passed. 2. Flag Championship timeline – Joe went through the arrangements he made with the City of Kelowna, traffic control, golf carts, first aid, catering, and noted the coaches and executive meeting on Friday, June 5, 2015. 3. Flag Championship overview and job allocation – Doug over 32 in each age division makes it challenging. Needs 8 fields – 32 playing surfaces. Scheduling needs to be done before publishing. Shorter game time makes it impossible to alternate age division. Doug went through the Saturday and Sunday timeline he sent to the group. If you don’t finish in the top 32 your team doesn’t qualify for the championship pool. Valder – what about tie games and how to deal with this issue. Doug said we will have to be very diligent with completing all games. Joe mentioned that the last play of the game and teams tie – the game ends. There is no point after and the game goes straight to OT. Cindy asked if Cowichan was playing and Doug confirmed they are not entered into the tournament. Doug would like the executives/commissioners to meet after the coaches meeting. Joe – Leesa on field 4; Bellefontaine on 5; Wayne and Kim share field 1; Field 2 Jason Spencer; Field 3 Don Williams; Field 6 is in rough shape and non-operational; Ed will be on baseball field and Chuck Lebrock KMFA; Valder Field 7. Doug and Joe are available. Jayne scorekeeper and Kaila Refs/scorekeeper. Kari to coordinate the meals for the commissioners and referees. Sharla will coordinate the first aid. Glenn Pencer will be around to help. Valder has contacted paramedic trainers for first aid. Tim Brumby will help if needed. Leesa – is interested in putting in a bid for hosting the Flag Championships. Ed has the BCCFA banner. Kaila to send list of names to Ed to pre-write cheques for the university and junior flat rate referees. U19 referees were paid $ . Jayne to stay behind and wake up the refs. Doug – BC Lions will feature Flag U10 and U14 at half- time. 4. Medals gold, silver bronze and participant, banners plaque, new hand out in championship games MVP award 1 for each team. That is the head field official for that game. 5. VBN production – semi-finals and finals to be broadcasted. U14 and U16 semi and finals start time 11am. 6. Other business – Joe new information. Valder received a letter from Victoria Renegades to play in the VMFL league. The travel costs are always an issue. He would like to secure funds from the BC Lions 50-50. Joe said it would put the BCCFA to support league play and it is a grey area. BCCFA can’t be involved in league play – he approached the province to help with ferry costs. He isn’t closing the door but and it’s a constitutional issue and we will look at it with the Presidents – table this issue for another meeting. Leesa Motion to look at ; 2nd Ed Huber; Abstentions or opposed; carried. Cindy contacted the co-op league and they have invited her to a meeting to discuss past issues. She is in discussion with BC Ferries to work out some travel costs. Joe asked if anyone has any updates. Wayne asked if there’s a FBC update. Two options restructure or disband FBC. Joe will contact for more update. Leesa can we send something to Jeff. Motion to adjourn at 8:11
BCCFA Minutes - July 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, July 6, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Ed Huber, Treasurer Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Doug Pauls, Flag Director Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:05 Away: 1. Adoption of Minutes – Accepted by Joe. 2. Treasurer report – Don noted revenue should be higher. Kaila noted that some clubs have balances outstanding. Joe would like to have a meeting with Ed. Ed said it’s been so complicated and has been very difficult and time consuming. Joe asked if we keep Esportsdesk just for the BCCFA fees and have the clubs go through Skyline directly would it be better moving forward? Joe suggested going back to paper championship team registrations. Kaila noted that we are trying to go online and this will put us back where we started. Ed mentioned the Esportsdesk fees and Leesa asked if we have a contract with them. Joe said he will find it. Kaila suggested having a conference call with Joe, Ed and Esportsdesk to discuss our concerns. Kaila will send information to Ed. 3. Flag football championships overview – Doug noted most of the executive were present. 665 games were played over the weekend. He noted that the Tier 3 teams probably did not have a good experience due to many issues. He noted that the location is a good but there has been discussion of moving it. He reported there were 1582 flag registrations and 163 female players. Valder stated that Field 8’s commissioner package was missing the next set of games. He feels there were too many games for the U10s and Cory heard that feedback as well. Doug said it can be controlled by the number of teams entered. Leesa said she had a tent but the teams used it on Saturday and on Sunday she moved the tent to the centre and the refs and she used it between breaks. She noted that she preferred to get the commissioners package on the Friday and it was missing a lot of information. She noted talking with Ed that the turf field is unsafe and too hot for the staff and kids. She suggested rotating the field staff and teams to keep everyone safe. She also said she had a difficult time with spectators with umbrellas with stakes and telling them not to put them in the ground. Don said he thinks every field needs a tent. He also agrees that the commissioners’ packages need to be ready on the Friday night. He also said once commissioners are trained up they can navigate Esportsdesk efficiently. Wayne said that staggering age divisions was good but having teams wait wasn’t good. He felt communication was good and the water and food delivery was better this year. VBN broadcasting will be run by a staff person next year and he will be a volunteer. Cory said he thought it was good and he agrees that the kids were playing too long. He suggested having one coordinator for the referees. Kaila suggested having the U19’s scheduled on the Friday night under the lights and get the younger kids out to cheer. Also the U19 player can be scheduled as referees the remainder of the weekend. Joe said this tournament is huge event and he would like a sub-committee set up to draft ideas for next year. He does not want one club dominating this event. He felt the volunteers were great and we had a few hiccups and managed them. He would like to see full-day parking. He thought having the paramedics involved was great and Sharla will stay on next year. He liked having two golf carts and we need three next year. He would like to have full-day traffic. He doesn’t support moving the tournament to the lower mainland which will increase the costs for norther and interior participants. He is confident that with more discussion with the City the fields will be increased. He also mentioned that the sponsorship contract is up next year. We receive over $8000 for Flag and if the contract is not renewed the fees will increase to cover the loss. Joe is a strong supporter of having the same jersey, flag and ball package. He would like one person from each zone to form this sub-committee. Doug applauded the work that Joe put in pre- tournament was great. 4. Upcoming Flag Events – Doug would like to see a national event. He noted the girls played at a BC Lions game which was good. The Play WithThe Pros event this Sunday, July 12 from 11 - 1 will have U12 and U16 teams. He reached out to a team from Snohomish. Doug contacted the top four local teams and some are not able to participate due to the short notice. 5. 9-man tackle issues and update – Ed said the SIFC is struggling to have a Bantam program. Neighbouring cities have added Junior Varsity teams which is hurting the community programs. Joe asked where the island is for 9-man. Cindy said teams love it or hate it. Many teams are jumping ship to the co-op league. Some teams are joining together to form one team. She had a meeting with the co-op representatives and they said if you join then those teams must stay. Valder says Bantam will be 9-man. He hasn’t heard anything about 9-man Midget. Also some interest for 9-man Pee Wee. Chel says that North Langley has a wait list and she’s working with the Presidents to work together to get the kids assigned to teams. 6. 12-man tackle issues and update – Valder will have more information in August. Pee Wee, JB and Midget will be 12-man. Bantam will be 9-man. Chel said their league is looking good for 12-man. 7. Football BC – there is a call tomorrow with the BCFC representatives to force a meeting with FBC. They will be demanding meeting minutes, financials, and constitution have all of the voting members present. They have not responded. 8. Football Canada – they will be having an AGM next week. They have approached Cory to be the BC representative. Once he’s voted in we will be able to play at the national level. Joe said Cory needs to report back to the Presidents council what the five year plan is and the details. Doug asked about the fees and is interested in finding how he plans to structure this new process. Joe would like to see one set fee for a five year time span. 9. JB Travel – how do we work around the travel issue for the island teams. Don said the North and SIFC teams travel all the time and how can it be just for the island and feels it should be for everyone. Joe said we could look at assistance for playoff and championship games. A motion will have to happen before we can move forward. No motions put forward. The BCCFA will not entertain a single team for travel costs at this time. 10. Don Williams – would like to see a budget for the All Star zone tournament in April 2016. Wayne noted the Star Bowl, VCFL bowls and Border bowl. Cindy asked where the tournament will be held and Cory said it will be held at Langley. Joe asked Chel for a list of the other tournaments. Joe asked Chel for a cost breakdown for her tournaments to pass along to Cory. Don asked about travel subsidy for a BCCFA event. Cory has landed some future travel coverage and will report back. Joe said we need to have further discussion breaking down the costs. 11. Island – Cindy covered this in #5. 12. Other business – Cory reported on the Miami trip. We chartered a plane for two teams, coaches and parents. Both of our teams were successful and won both games. Cory was interviewed by AM1040 and will be interviewed by Global news. Cindy asked if Pee Wee can play CFL/NFL rules and Leesa said they must play CFL rules in playoff and Championship games. Cindy asked if a team must play three CFL rule games. Joe said the teams must play three opponents to qualify for the championship. 13. Motion to adjourn, Cindy at 9:31pm
BCCFA Minutes - August 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, August 3, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:03pm. Away: Ed Huber, Treasurer/SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Doug Pauls, Flag Director 1. Adoption of Minutes – Accepted by Joe. 2. Treasurer report – Joe has concerns with the Flag financials and we should of collected approximately $18,000 plus a minimum of $5100 this season. Joe asked Esportsdesk for a copy of the contract and then will schedule a meeting in the near future. Joe is looking at splitting up the t- shirt packages and hard goods package for next Flag season. Joe will be scheduling a meeting with Don, Doug and Kaila to discuss Flag. Joe would like to table the Treasurer’s report. 3. FBC follow up – Joe sent an email to the BCCFA executive group regarding another FBC creditor. Larry Reda was quite upset with the membership asking for a meeting. He was served a letter and given a time frame to call a meeting and tomorrow is the deadline. Gord Johnson has a letter ready to go 14 days after August 5th. An extraordinary AGM can be scheduled on August 22, 2015 at the earliest. Joe spoke with Jim Mullan who sits on the FBC board and he has some concerns about the operations of FBC. Valder asked if we should begin reviewing the BCCFA constitution or should we wait for the FBC meeting. Joe feels that we should begin the review as a proactive measure. Wayne agrees that the review should begin and expand the BCCFA constitution. For example, if we separated from FBC, the BCCFA would not be able to use the same insurance company because they will only deal with the parent body of FBC; unless FBC is dissolved and we create a new parent body and notify the insurance company. 4. BC Lions decals – Joe reported that we have everything squared away and 5000 helmet decals were ordered by Jamie Taras, BC Lions. Don asked what the timeline is for the decals and Wayne will follow up with Jamie and let everyone know. 5. Follow up to the interior/Prince George meeting – Joe sent an email to all the high school/community coaches and everyone involved to get the dialogue going about growing football. He received a response from Kamloops and Kelowna. Joe will be meeting with reps in Prince George in the near future and requires travel costs. Wayne motions for a plane ticket to Prince George and possibly a hotel up to $600; 2nd by Don Williams; Discussion - none; Opposed – none; Abstentions – none. 6. Football Canada – Cory reported about the long Football Canada meeting he participated in. Football Canada advised him that he is their choice to be the new Football Canada, BC representative if he accepts the role which he has accepted the appointment. Football Canada stated the he must meet with all the voting bodies regarding FBC which he has done. He advised the group that there are two options moving forward: one is to dissolve FBC or restructure FBC. The feedback is positive from other members of Football Canada and they’re glad that this process is finally in motion. Cory noted that FBC owes Football Canada $75,000. Joe stated that we will not pay their debt and we need a set 5 year fee structure for BC. Another significant issue is that our BC coaches who were certified by FBC are not recognized by Football Canada and they cannot coach at any Football Canada event outside of BC. Moving forward the six coaches in BC who are certified and recognized by Football Canada can be contracted to certify BC coaches. Cory is recommending the President’s to advise their coaches to contact Football Canada to see if their FBC issued certification numbers are valid. 7. Neil Chark, Uniglobe & BC Lions Travel Partner – Joe spoke with Neil who is working with the BC Lions who is organizing a trip to Mexico with Travis Lulay and Geroy Simon. He would like the BCCFA partner with them. Joe asked if there are any objections with him continuing discussions with Neil Chark. No objections noted. 8. Jim Mullan Touchdown BC – Wayne reports that this company runs Touchdown BC which is broadcasted on Shaw television. Jim was receiving $3000 a show for high school and very minimal mention of community football. Wayne asked if we should continue working with Jim and broadcast football via Shaw. Wayne feels it would be a good thing to continue marketing community football. The broadcasts show highlights and football discussion in BC. Wayne noted that community football receives no coverage in the Province or the Vancouver Sun. Valder feels this falls outside our mandate and we may have to go back to our individual zones for discussion. Wayne says they are on a tight timeline and they need to commit. Joe agrees with both Wayne and Valder’s views and we have five zones and the BCCFA has received funds to develop our brand. Wayne requires direction from the BCCFA executive for the negotiation phase. Don asked how this will be funded and maybe next year would be better. Cory suggested that Wayne get a cost breakdown and then report back. Wayne says that he needs a mandate for him to begin negotiations with Touchdown BC. Wayne motions that he will negotiate for BCCFA being involved with Touchdown BC and he will email to the group the results of his negotiations; 2nd Jeff Huot, LMFRA; Discussion Cory/Don noted above; BCCFA voting members – Joe, yes, Cindy, yes, Jeff, yes, Don, yes, Valder, yes; Carried. 9. Ladysmith football – Cindy received two emails from parents who are very concerned with Jeff Pickney who is running this program. They we were seeking direction from Cindy and she is asking the group what her parameters are. Chel asked if there is a Ladysmith, VP to approach. Cindy says Jeff’s wife is the Treasurer and they are not accepting any help form parents. Joe said they can’t be a Society as they are married and they don’t have an executive board. Cindy needs to reach out to him and ask some general questions regarding the operations of Ladysmith football. Chel offered Cindy assistance with the process. 10. Other business – Cory needs each zone to put forward a representative for All Star to move forward. He notes that Price George has identified a person. Cindy is waiting for confirmation from the island if they’re interested in participating. Chel will forward her information to Cory. Joe noted that Cory must contact Ed Huber who is the SIFC representative. Motion to adjourn at 8:46
BCCFA Minutes - September 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, September 7, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Wayne Bjorge Doug Pauls, Flag Director Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:04pm. Away: Ed Huber, Treasurer/SIFC Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator 1. Adoption of the Agenda & Minutes – Don motions to accept the minutes; discussion – none; accepted. 2. Treasurer - 3. FBC – Joe advised that six voting members attended the August 29, 2015 meeting. The FBC president visited the UBC proxy vote and asked him not to attend. The FBC Executive Director was not in attendance and had six weeks prior notice and still chose not to attend. After a motion, discussion and vote it is determined that Larry Reda is not the president. Frank Naso was appointed the Trustee and will meet with their staff. Also, that same weekend of the meeting, FBC sent out a notice of an AGM October 4th. Pat Waslen is on a 90 day probation and reports to Frank Naso. The six voting members are approaching potential candidate to form new board for FBC. FBC said they will be providing financials which are 7 months late and the first meeting in two years to discuss financials. We have to ensure to include in our minutes that the voting member is the president and a Football Canada rep will be in attendance and how we can get back into good standing. Joe asked that we go back to using British Columbia Amateur Football Association and no longer use FBC. Kaila did attend this meeting and she will also attend the AGM on October 4, 2015. Also Jamie Taras, BC Lions have been voted in as an associate and non-voting member. Joe noted that someone called his boss at Skyline accusing that he screwed Larry Reda and high schools will not order from Skyline. Valder – asked how much of this information he can share and Joe said he can share everything. Joe stated that FBC’s constitution the BCCFA does not have to be a member and we can separate if we choose to do so. Don – asked how we know their revenue is in the $450k range and Joe said we got the numbers form the proposed budget July 2014. Don asked who the FBC treasurer is and Joe advised that they have a bookkeeper. The biggest disappointment that Pat Waslen sent his regrets 15 minutes prior to the meeting. Joe advised the FBC AGM is on October 4, 2015. Valder noted that the coach’s membership was increased from $25 to $45 without notice to members. Joe will contact Frank Naso. Cindy motions that the President of BCCFA will be the voting member; 2nd Valder; Discussion - none; Abstentions – none; No votes – none; Vote - Carried. Wayne asked why Pat is on 90 days probation and Joe advised that Pat is the key person at FBC and there was nobody was available to take that job on. Frank oversees all expenditures and he reviews and approves all transactions. Joe asked for direction from the group. 4. BCCFA Constitutions & Bylaws – Valder sent the information to the group and asked that members send him comments directly to him. The two big issues are insurance and who will deliver the coaching certification courses. Joe stated the current insurer will insure BCCFA separately and there are other firm that will be able to provide insurance. Valder noted that our constitution will have to be adjusted to allow us to seek another insurer. Wayne likes the expansion of the constitution to give us the option to obtain our own insurance in the future. Joe said there must be a statement of league play. Joe asked if Wayne is involved with Langley……….. 5. Wayne Bjorge/Video Production proposal and decision – Wayne noted his recent emails regarding Touchdown BC and the cost is about $24,000. The BCCFA’s cost would be $13,650 and community’s coverage would be how much we put forward. Kaila asked about sponsors and Wayne said it would be challenging at this late in the season. Wayne feels it is very marketable. Don feels we should plan for next year. Wayne motion we asked Jim Mullin as the partner for Touchdown BC production; 2nd Don Williams; Discussion – none; Valder, no; Don, no; Cindy, no; Doug, no; Jeff, no; Defeated. Wayne asked if Jim Mullin countered with a different offer can the group discuss. Joe agreed. 6. Flag football contract and direction – Joe spoke with Spalding and we have two years left with them. Split to the shirt in one package and the second package will be the hard goods. Joe is leaning away from extending their contract and would like to look at other options. Joe will meet with Valder. Chel was speaking with the presidents and they were expecting invoices for amounts owed. Joe said he can issue invoices to these clubs. 7. Island football – Cindy sent an email to all island clubs regarding All Star and she heard back from one group. Southside asked to be removed from all further emails. She reported the opening season weekend went well. The Ladysmith issue appears to have resolved itself. Wayne asked which island teams will be attending the provincials. Cindy noted a 9-man pee wee and a 12-man JB team which is playing in the VMFL now. 8. 9-man football & championships – tabled to next week as Leesa is not on the call. Don said their schedule is up on Esportsdesk. Valder was hoping to schedule 10 games and they are not able to fit the game in within the allotted time. Chel feels we should make an exception for this year to include them in the 12-man championship weekend. Cindy agrees we should include them. Doug is in support. Don is in agreement. Valder motions that the 9-man bantam championship will be held the same date for 2015 only; 2nd 9. 12-Man football & championships – Valder said there is nothing to report and he will start planning now. One of the decisions that we made last year is that All Star will run the concession. Cindy asked if there is a face to face BCCFA meeting and Joe confirmed this on Dec 5th 10. Prince George – Joe said it was a positive trip. He noted community and high school players were practicing. Don said he received positive feedback that the President came to the region. Chel was there with Border bowl. He felt it was a good trip. Don – Prince George 9-man atom with Vanderhoof, Quesnel and Prince George. The parents want to send a combined team to the provincials and would have to play the three games to qualify. Valder noted the issue that the players being on more than one roster. Joe has received some emails and phone calls regarding this issue and league play is crucial. He feels that the optics of taking certain kids from each team to form one team may be negative for the players not selected to play on the championship team. Don said that 75% of the teams parents had a meeting and they voted in support this year’s approach to send a combined team to the championship. Don asked what the eligibility is so he can report back to his group. Chel asked if his executive supports this and he said five people stepped down and they’re having an AGM to elect and fill the five vacant positions. Joe says they have to have a frozen roster on October 7, 2015 to be eligible. 11. Chel – border bowl – They have a game coming up on December 12th. She enjoyed the Prince George parents and players and it was a good experience. They selected about 8-9 Prince George grade 12s to play on the team. Don said his feedback was all positive. 12. Cory – All star – he will provide a written update by Friday. 13. Cortez island football – he received a call from ? Joe asked if the BCCFA can donate some 32 flags and 2 balls to them; 2nd Cindy; Discussion – none; Opposed – none; Carried. 14. BC Varsity football league/9 man Midget – Terry Kehoe called him and asked how he can for a 9-man midget football league. He has to form a non-profit society and submit to the BCCFA. The three founding members feel that other teams will want to join. He said insurance and referees must be taken care of as well. Wayne asked if he will be an associate member or part of the VMFL. Joe said he will run as an associate member. Wayne asked if they have applied to the VMFL. Valder reported that they were asking if the VMFL will run a 9-man midget division this year which they are not. This group is looking at building a separate league and attract some of the high school players with low numbers. Joe support this plan. 15. BC Lions decals – Wayne said he needs the mailing address and numbers from each zone and he will forward to Jamie Taras. Don motions to adjourn at 9:30; 2nd Valder.
BCCFA Minutes - October 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, October 5, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Ed Huber, Treasurer/SIFC Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Doug Pauls, Flag Director Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:05 . 1. Adoption of Minutes – Joe asked if there are any issues with the minutes. Leesa noted that Doug was noted absent but voted for an item. Missing the date of the meeting in the heading. 2. Treasurer report – Ed is busy and Joe is meeting with a potential replacement. 3. FBC follow up from October 4, 2015 AGM – Gave a general update of the meeting and needs to confirm some information. Football Canada is looking at all female league. The Technical director report – Joe asked for cost breakdown for certification of coaches. Larry Reda was defeated and Frank Naso is the new President. Valder asked which voting members attended - BC High School, Referees, Community and BCFC. Valder asked if the universities were present. Joe advised that SFU and UBC were not present and are not expected to continue being a part of the BCAFA. Joe advised that Steve Figner is the new VP of Finance. Brain Olthuis, VP Programs, Dave Sullivan, VP Communications and Brian Carrigan, VP Risk Management. Sidney Schultz will remain the auditor and LeBlac law will remain as legal counsel. Football Canada fees is going up to $11 per player in 2016. The want to have a female football league and the nationals will be held in Bermuda. Gaming funds/approval may be funnelled through Via Sport and that all associations should complain to your MLA. Football BC is still not in good standing with Football Canada. Joe will scan and send out the financials to the group and members need to send questions to Joe Gluska by November 14, 2015 and he will forward to Pat Waslen and Steve Figner. Don Williams asked about Team BC. 3.1 – Direction of BCCFA – Joe said the motion he sent out the first was met and the second and third is tabled until December 6, 2015. Leesa motions to extend the previous motion to cover the 2nd and 3rd issues to December 10, 2015; Second – Valder; Discussion – Don Williams asked if the financials given are worthy. Joe said they claimed boxes of from the previous auditor Morrow and Co. went missing and suspects they are not complete. Valder asked if we know the level of their indebtedness and Joe said at least $100k. Don asked why would we stay and Joe feels we need to work through the issues at hand and then make an educated decision in December. Leesa stated that All Sport insurance will not insure anyone separately unless they are under BCAFA (FBC). We are looking at other insurance companies to insure us separately. Joe also advised that we can provide mandatory coach certification; Vote – Valder, yes, Chel, yes, Don, yes, Cindy, yes, Jeff, yes. Doug – absent. Motion – passed. 4. 9-Man football update – Leesa reported that the field is booked. Asked Wayne to provide an invoice for VBN production. Joe forwarded an email to Leesa from Terry Keogh regarding associate member midget division to possible participate as a guest. Joe suggested that we could have them participate on an invitational status and they will not receive any awards or titles. Joe asked zone representatives to ask their members if they are in favour of inviting the midget exhibition game as an associate member. Leesa asked if she has permission to approach Kamloops Minor Football about providing gate and security services as last year. All in favour of Leesa coordinating this with Kamloops Minor football. Table the midget exhibition invitations to November meeting. 5. 12-Man football update – Valder advised that McLeod stadium is booked for the championships. He asked Wayne to contact the other production company and would prefer that he does not work with them. Valder will approach the Township and advise we are entertaining other suppliers. 10 feet is mandated to run the screen and they must turn the screen on and turn the screen off. Valder will work with Chel about involving the VCFL. Wayne noted North Langley would like to run the concession this year. Cory said he stepped up to the plate and he has no issues with NL running it this year. Kaila suggested that we have the coffee truck from last year come back to provide hot beverages. The secondary concession is small and not outfitted for both food and beverage service. Valder is looking for a game day coordinator and Kaila offered. Joe noted we appropriate people at the gate handling cash. Valder asked about running 50- 50 and we will need to obtain a gaming license. 6. Zone All Stars – Cory Philpot provided an update of the Zone all stars. He reports that he has many qualified people set up in all zones. Cory will send out his budget to the group when completed. Cory is working on confirming a sponsor to provide jerseys. He is including community and high school coaches and everyone is excited about working together. He said the cost is $100 a player. It’s all coming together and looking forward to it. Don Williams asked when will we see a formal plan for the Zone tournament? Joe set a deadline for October 15, 2015. 7. Wayne update of Touchdown BC – gave an update of what they need from the BCCFA members. Teams need to submit game footage to Ty Clark and provide any further information if requested. 8. Zone rep updates – Joe asked if any other zone reps need to report. Valder reported that Esportsdesk is working great. Don Williams reported about the Atom division has seemed to worked itself out. Joe said teams should not play outside of their league to qualify for the championships unless they don’t have a league to play in. Cindy asked about the verifying a child who has been put in to foster care. A letter from the child’s school would be sufficient. 9. Agenda for December meeting – Please send agenda items to Joe by November 20th. 10. Constitution and bylaw review – Valder met with Mel Beaton and Wayne McMurchy. Valder needs copies of all of the BCCFA AGM minutes for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The current role of the BCCFA involvement in Spring flag within our bylaws. The need to identify outstanding issues not recognized by current constitution and bylaws. Valder asked that zone reps go back to their members for items that they would like the BCCFA to act on their behalf. Joe asked if a preliminary meeting could happen before the FBC December 6th meeting. Valder noted they reviewed some other provinces documents and we are fairly consistent with them. Mel is looking at how funds would be dispersed if the BCCFA is dissolved. Valder will send a briefing note to Joe of what they’ve discussed. Valder asked for questions and Leesa asked that she and Ed are included as reps form the SIFC. 11. Other business – Wayne provided thanks to Valder for taking on the Constitution review and re-write; and to Joe for taking on the FBC issue; and lastly to Kaila for all the work she has done with Esportsdesk. Joe motion to adjourn at 9:20pm
BCCFA Minutes - November 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, November 2, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Ed Huber, Treasurer/SIFC Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Doug Pauls, Flag Director - away Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island - away Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:05pm 1. Adoption of Minutes – Joe asked if there are any other business – none. 2. Items to add to meeting – FBC cost testing; Insurance; Wayne – inflatable tunnel costs 3. BCAFA President – Joe introduced Frank Naso to the group. He stated that the staff is great but the organization is not good. He noted that they putting together some structure and implement a business plan. Frank noted that he is aware that BCCFA is leaning towards leaving the BCAFA. Frank asked the group for questions. Joe – will we have a clearer financial picture by December? Frank is hopeful and they’re receiving financial piece by piece and Steve Figner is going through it. Leesa asked if there is any legal action at this time. He said he’s heard rumours but nothing verified. Joe’s recommendation is do not pay anything until the BCAFA has their financial in order. 4. Minutes – Any issues with the minutes. Wayne will be in Kamloops on Friday. 5. Treasurer statement – Joe noted that the person he had lined up fell through and he is committed to finding a new person. Ed noted that we are still owed about $10,000. He noted that we have about $84,000 in the bank account and the bills up to date. Ed asked Wayne about Touchdown BC’s invoice and Wayne will contact Jim Mullin. Leesa asked if Ed has if he has a form letter for club’s that owe. Ed advised he did not. Joe said he will send the outstanding invoices. Joe met with the Mayor of Kelowna and there is an application for 75% of city incurred costs can be possibly rebated. 6. 9 man championship for Nov. 21 Leesa, includes VBN, stadium, first aid, concessions – Leesa reports that the fields and referees are booked. Kamloops Minor football keeps the gate fees and they pay for the field. The BCCFA will pay for referees. First aid is booked and the BCCFA will pay and honorarium. Joe motions; Ed 2nd; Discussion – none. Joe has the 9-man pee wee trophy. The Atom trophy is MR. The JB trophy is in Kelowna. The medals and banners are ordered. The shirts, toques and bags are ordered and Baron rings has been confirmed. Leesa asked how long the introductions take from the tunnel and Wayne says about ten minutes. Leesa asked how long half-time was last year and Joe said a minute. Leesa feels 30 minute straight time will cover switching ends and injuries. 4 hours for Atoms, Pee Wees and JB. Joe asked if everyone is in agreement. Leesa asked if Joe can contact the Sandman hotel for the teams. Joe asked for the executive to let him know who’s coming up. Don Williams asked about the Atom team and the minimum roster numbers which is 13 players. He asked if they can pick up a couple of players. They are at the minimum and Don is approaching his coaches to see if they can persuade more of the existing team to make trip. Vote – Leesa – the north has never been a strong contender and haven’t brought stacked teams in the past. She feel maximum 18 players; Ed – agrees with Leesa; Wayne – agrees with Leesa and he wants to cautious with setting a precident and cautiously agrees; Valder – he supports Leesa’s proposal and limits to 18 players; VICFA – absent. Wayne asked if we can limit this to the North. Wayne motions that for Pee Wee division 2015 the north zone roster size is 18 they can add players up to 18 and the BCCFA can revisit in 2016; 2nd Leesa; Vote – carried. Leesa asked for a head count Joe, Wayne, Cory, Ed for sure. Valder, Don, Kaila will advise. Leesa motions that we contract VBN broadcasting for the cost of $8800 for the 9-Man championship; 2nd Don; Discussion – none; opposed – none; abstentions – none; Carried. Leesa raised the DVD sales and if the proceeds should go towards offsetting the costs. Pre-sales $15 and game day walk up $20. The team managers should manage their team sales. 7. 12-man Championship update – Valder sent out a note and Joe asked if there’s anything further? Joe noted one issue from last year hiring Concord security from 5:30 to 9:30. Valder contacted the Township about gaining access to the grass fields for team warm ups. Valder received an apology from Langley Minor Football and asked about offering concession services. Valder advised them that not this year but they may be considered in future years. Joe confirmed the t-shirts, medals, banners have been ordered. Valder asked if anyone knows anyone who can sing the anthem. Valder motions that we contract VBN broadcasting for the cost of $7700 for the 12-Man championship; 2nd Leesa; Discussion – none; Abstentions – none; Opposed – none; carried 8. December 5, 2015 in-person meeting - Board replacements, Presidential appointments, Treasurer, BCCFA and Football Canada, Football Canada events, BCCFA and BCAFA and Zone bowl - Joe noted that Doug Pauls has stepped down and that role is a presidential appointment. He will have a proposal for the December in-person meeting. He would like to also know if Presidents will be staying or stepping down. We will hopefully know more after the BCAFA financial meeting. Leesa asked if she should send the draft BCCFA handbook and Joe said yes. The start time is from noon to five. 9. Zone bowl update – Cory reported he has received 100s of emails and phone messages. He has all of his zone representatives in order and he will be planning to travel to zones. Cory confirmed it will be Canadian rules and he will be sending the standardized playbook. Don said the north is looking forward to it and plan to send three teams. Cory is expecting information from the island in the near future. The lower mainland coaches are confirmed and are looking at securing a couple more. Cory has contacted FBC to send out information and they have not done so as of yet. Leesa asked what Dino Geremia’s response was about the Zone bowl. Joe stated he had many discussions since 2013 and we will share player stats and they could scout our players for Team BC. Joe reported that he has asked him for a detailed breakdown of the costs of every combines and coaches certification and other costs which has yet to be provided. 10. Referee solution for Pemberton – table to December in-person meeting. 11. Other business – FBC cost testing – already discussed in #9; Insurance – Joe has put pressure to prioritize this issue with BCAFA. He asked Cory for a quote from his contact and Joe has two other possibilities. Cory to send out his quote.; Wayne – inflatable tunnel costs – Leesa motions to spend $890.00 plus tax for the vinyl BCCFA banner for the inflatable helmet tunnel; 2nd Don; Discussion – none; Opposed – none; Abstention – none; Carried. Motion to adjourn at 8:35
BCCFA Minutes - December 2015 (added December 31, 2015)
BCCFA Executive Meeting Monday, December 7, 2015 BCCFA attendees: Joe Gluska, President Valder Belgrave, VP & President VMFL Ed Huber, Treasurer/SIFC Chel Sanghera, President VCFL Don Williams, North Jeff Huot, LMFRA - away Leesa Warner, 9-Man Coordinator Wayne Bjorge Cory Philpot, All Star Cindy Bowles, Island - away Kaila Rothkop, Secretary Meeting commenced at 7:05pm 1. Insurance – Leesa sent out the Envision proposal to the group for review. Joe stated the FBC insurance fee for everyone was $57,000 and we paid over $100K almost double without a detailed explanation. Leesa reported that she sent Envision a breakdown of adult volunteer, adult and minor players tackle and minor flag players. She stated the insurance will cover everyone. Wayne asked if the new company will provide the same or better for each line item. Leesa confirmed. Joe noted that he liked that the ambulance service is covered. Joe read the quote over and he is support of moving away from All Sport and signing with Envision. Wayne motions that we switch our insurance provider; 2nd Don; Discussion – Leesa to contact Jazz Binning regarding the contract and then Cory will get the contract to Joe for signature. Joe asked the group if they prefer January 1 to December 31- all has agreed; Motion carried unanimous. 2. BCAFA Finance meeting report – Joe stated that they didn’t provide any supporting documents at the meeting yesterday. The auditor said he didn’t have anything current and Pat said he would get them to Steve. Joe said Steve figured they owe approximately $190,000. Wayne asked if any money is coming in and Joe said approximately $35,000. Joe asked the BCAFA members how we will get out from under this massive debt load and he got no response. Joe said the court case is the court case and we have paid our fees. Joe said he was advised by a CPA that if we continue charging $20 and we choose to stay we can pay them at a later date. If we choose to go out on our own we can set our own fees. We have to consider Football Canada fees as well. Joe does not feel that we can get out of the $190,000 debt and how will it benefit our members. Leesa noted that we could collect the fees and earmark it in trust until we decide which route we are taking. Joe noted they didn’t provide any receipts and Revenue/Expenses they were short $62,000 for 2015. Joe listed the amounts owing to their creditors. A big concern is that they owe CRA between $25,000 and Pat said it was more like $31,000 for remittances. Wayne said this is serious with owing the federal government and they can start garnishing or freezing BCAFA accounts. Leesa motions that the BCCFA separate from BCAFA based on the info provided and not provided at the December 6, 2015 BCAFA meeting effective immediately; 2nd Wayne; Discussion – Joe said the BCFC is looking at separating as well by this Wednesday. Joe said we have the largest membership and that the BCFC president would most likely not support staying with the BCAFA. Joe appointed Cory to negotiate with Football Canada and work out a plan for us moving forward. Don asked if it came up in the meeting that members would be leaving. Joe said it did and the BCCFA holds the most power and will influence others. Comments? Valder – he supports this direction and we need to have communications strategy drafted beforehand to go out to all members. Chel – when we do roll out the communications strategy develop and frequently Q & A. Don – support this and he will help with the communications. Don and Leesa will draft the communication letter. Leesa – is in support of separation and concise information. Wayne supports of the motion and Wayne thanks Joe for his role. Cory – supports the new direction and feels that the separation letter to Frank Naso and to members concurrently. Cindy – support her previous vote. Jeff – support his previous vote. Call to question? Opposed – none; Unanimous. Joe thanked the group for all of their efforts yesterday for another successful event. Valder reported that both Victoria teams were stuck here due to ferry cancellations and had to book at the Sandman hotels. He asked if the BCCFA can assist financially to offset their costs. Valder will get the costs and will provide this information. He also noted that some of the teams did not have enough t-shirts. Joe also said the t-shirts are not provided to the coaches. Joe will look into his lists.
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