NOVEMBER 24, 2017

Football Canada launches a trio of new football programs

Football Canada launches a trio of new football programs

Football Canada

To coincide with the Grey Cup festival, Football Canada has unveiled a series of new programs aimed at increased participation for the sport while promoting physical activity for youth and children of all ages.

“We are looking to provide programming that allows kids to get active, have fun and learn the basic fundamentals of sport while experiencing the amazing game of Canadian football,” explained Aaron Geisler, Manager of Development.  “Our goal is to create programming that allows the most number of participants to have the most amount of fun while getting introduced to the sport of football.”

The First Down program provides children under the age of eight an opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills while having fun. Moreover, the First Down program allows an avenue for children to further their participation in either the sport or any physical activity.

It has eight one-hour sessions.  It provides an avenue to introduce the sport to youth in a safe, low-cost and low barrier manner.  Additionally, it teaches volunteers about delivery of youth programs, gives parents a chance to get involved in the sport as volunteers and a chance to build as well as strengthen community relations.

“Football Canada’s First Down program is a fantastic way to get kids playing fun games that help them learn to move and play in sport,” describes Geisler of the program.  “It is intended to be the first interaction with football in a relaxed structured environment.”

Player Development Program (PDP) is the second program that Football Canada has launched. Like the First Down program, the Player Development curriculum promotes getting active while having fun.

These sessions are designed to help youth develop football specific skills through games, activities and drills.  This program has eight one-hour sessions as well and is designed for youth from ages eight to 14.

“Football Canada’s Player Development Program is the next step in the pathway and yet still an entry point for new participants,” Geisler said.  “We use activities, games and instruction to help develop fundamental movement skills as well as fundamental football skills.”

Ultimate Football is the third program.  It is a mixture of ultimate Frisbee and non-contact football. Overall, it is designed to be fun and fast paced.

Ultimate Football promotes getting more participants involved in the sport, as non-contact football can be easily learned and played as well as being a low-cost activity.

“Football Canada’s Ultimate Football is a fun fast paced game of football that is easy to pick up, set up and play,” Geisler elaborated.  “Ultimate Football is a mix of ultimate Frisbee and non-contact football that allows for constant play and participation”

With establishing all three programs, Football Canada hopes that the sport will become more inclusive when it comes to players and organizations while breaking down some barriers in the process.

“We wanted to be able to provide programming solutions for all ages across the country,” Geisler expressed.  “These programs can be run by every organization and come complete with program plans, education material for volunteers and promotion opportunities for the organizers.”

“These programs will provide a standardized model that will allow us to engage young inspiring athletes to have fun, make new friends and enjoy a truly Canadian experience. It is important for us to build programming that is inclusive and has very few barriers to entry.”

To find out more about these new programs, run a program in your area or to register please click below.


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